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Bold Colours & Punchy Patterns, At Home with Lucy & Ben

This week, we popped by the beautiful home of Lucy & Ben; a three-bedroom Victorian terraced based in Brockley. They have lived here for just over a year now, after moving in during the lockdown period of January 2021. Prior to getting the keys, Lucy and Ben spent Christmas with their parents, so it was a real shock to the system to move into a cold and empty home, unable to go anywhere, or have anyone over to visit. As gloomy as this may sound, it was also a major advantage, as it gave them a solid four months to renovate the house and start feeling more at home in their new nest. 

The property used to be rented to students, and had sadly been stripped of all its original features. Lucy and Ben described the walls as magnolia yellow, and the kitchen as fifty shades of brown! 

“All of our neighbours separately told us that there had been a huge party in the house not long before we moved in, which had gone on for three days – this explained some of the rubbish we found in the house and garden! We must have viewed close to thirty houses prior to this one, and had also had sale fall through, so when we walked into this one, we could immediately tell that it had a lot potential.” 

Before moving in, Lucy and Ben didn’t have a preferred taste in interiors; but they knew they didn’t like neutrals! Their general style is quite eclectic, and they love to use bold colours to bring a room to life. The house now boasts a mixture of old and new – from upcycled furniture, to prints and paintings; we love all the diverse arrangements that truly compliment each of the wall colours. 

Inspiration, for Lucy and Ben, comes from magazines and social media; but they do also admit to ‘winging it’ a lot of the time. I think we can all relate! 

“I am constantly on the hunt for anything interiors related, and can waste hours in an interiors shop or scouring the internet for fabrics or lamps etc. So much of the feel of a room comes from the furniture and accessories/objects you style it with, so there’s still a lot to do after you’ve painted the walls!” says Lucy. 


As Lucy and Ben were new to the decorating scene, they were hugely attracted to the humble selection of colours that we proudly offer – a list that doesn’t prove too overwhelming for even the earliest of beginners. 

“Once we’d done our first order, the quality, eco credentials and scented packaging had us going back for more! Not to mention the peel & stick swatches – such a good invention!”

Lucy & Ben brightened up their hallway with 'Lie-in' eggshell paint on the woodwork and panelling. 

They chose the strong dark teal of ‘Adulting’ for their living room, and the powdery blue of ‘Lie-in’ for the downstairs hallway. Check out these raving reviews…

“Firstly, the scented bags are heaven!! We also found that they also double up as laundry bags when you go away. Secondly, the quality of the paint is amazing; you only need two coats and it gives really an even coverage. It has also proven hard wearing, as a friend of ours opened a drink that sprayed all over our sitting room walls, four days after we’d finished painting them; but we were able to wipe them down with a wet cloth and you couldn’t tell the difference!”


Let’s go for a little look around, shall we? 

Adulting paired beautifully with the blues in their living room, creating a cosy, relaxing space to chill. 

First up, the living room, which is painted in ‘Adulting’. Previously a TV room for the students, they chose to block up the door that led in from the hallway, and knock through from the dining room instead. This gave them a fabulous open plan space to spread out in, and a more social layout for entertaining. 

Grab your dark and moody swatch pack and test them out in your home!

“We wanted a cosier ambience to the rest of the house, and we did this using the darker COAT paint. This, combined with a rug, several lamps and lots of cushions, gave us a real snug feeling; which separates it from the dining room. The recent addition of our painting above the fireplace, which was given to us as a wedding present, has really brought the room together.”


Sofa –

Glass Lamp base – Nkuku

Lampshade – Pooky 

Poofe & Cushions - Bombay Duck

Rug – La Redoute

Next, their principle bedroom; a large, bright space which invited the opportunity for a more adventurous colour. 

“As we wanted a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, we went for a dark navy limewash paint – which gives the walls an almost velvety texture. We teamed this bold shade with splashes of bright yellow and greens, especially amongst the soft furnishings and accessories. The addition of several big green plants has also freshened up the space.”

Limewash paint, similar deep blue colour to '2AM' creating that chic boutique hotel look. 


Headboard – custom-made by Jane Clayton

Yellow Chair – Dunelm

Mirror – William Wood Mirrors

Finally, we take a nosey in their bathroom, which previously housed a very basic suite and lino flooring. Their boldest room to date, Lucy & Ben wanted a finish that could brighten up their mornings, and make getting washed and ready for the day that bit more colourful! 

Dark eggshell paint similar to 'David Rose', a great contrast agains the pink accents. 

“I have always loved the classic simplicity of one bright colour, in stark contrast to black finishings. I was debating between pink and blue tiles, but went with pink, as I knew we probably wouldn’t use it throughout the rest of the house. It did take a bit of persuading to get Ben on board, though!”

It’s really not hard to see why this is Lucy’s favourite room in the house – just look at all those beautiful shades of pink!


Washstand – Facebook Marketplace (upcycled & painted pink) 

Sink – sourced from Morocco via Etsy

Mirror – Dunelm

Bath, Shower Screen, Taps – Victoria Plumbing


Lucy and Ben admit their DIY list feels never ending, but the jobs currently sitting at the top of the list include the spare bedroom (which they use as an office), the downstairs toilet, and the front of the house. 

“We need to say goodbye to those magnolia walls! We also really want to decorate the downstairs toilet with a cool wallpaper, but haven’t mustered up the courage to attempt wallpapering just yet!”


“Test paint samples and don’t be in too much of a hurry! Paint colours look very different in photos, than they do in real life. Also, don’t listen too much to other people’s opinions. If you love it, then go for it!

We also recommend heading to some antiques fairs or online marketplaces for furniture, instead of buying it all new. Pre-loved furniture adds a lot more character to a room and is often kinder on the bank account!”

Feeling inspired? Check out our bold swatch pack and get stuck in on that dramatic reno project. 



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