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Indoor Jungle, At Home with Dani

Say hello to this week’s home owner, 35-year-old content creator, Dani. Located in Surrey, Dani lives with her husband, Tom, their two children, Cooper and Banks, and their three dogs, Beau, Ruby and Frank. Quite the busy household! 

Their home is a three-bedroom Georgian-style maisonette, which they have owned for three and a half years, now. Soaked in original features, the high ceilings and parquet flooring provide an abundance of character to their home. Dani describes her style as eclectic; experimenting with an even mix of relaxed and bohemian styles. 

Dani in her favourite room in the house, the kitchen/dining room

“Our home is a bit of an indoor jungle; however, I’m really passionate about plants in décor and all the benefits that they bring. I love bringing the outdoors in – and also, taking the indoors out into our garden!”


Dani loves interiors and decorating – so it was important to her to invest in the right products, furniture and accessories for their home. Always in search for new and exciting brands, Dani discovered our paint range

Nature is a core part of Dani's home which is why COAT's approach to sustainability was important

“I was attracted to COAT for so many reasons, but mainly for the fab range of eco-friendly, high quality paint that is offered; and its versatility! I fell in love with a few colours immediately, however there were several gorgeous greens and blues which nearly made me change my mind!”

Describing our paint as “great coverage and nice to work with”, Dani officially became a fan. Keep reading to find out more about her workspace transformation with two of our popular colours.

Find out more about COAT's approach to sustainability here.


As always, our home owners choose three of their favourite makeovers to share with you guys, so make sure you’ve got a cup of tea and comfortable seat – we’re about to get a tour…

Dani's creative space painted in 'Pampas' and 'My Island'

We start with Dani’s COAT makeover; a new project that was born when she decided her workspace needed an inspirational boost. She wanted a backdrop that could get the creative juices flowing, especially as her job in content creation requires plenty of inventive thoughts and ideas. 

Working closely with our knowledgeable team to find the perfect colour combination, Dani chose ‘Pampas’ as a warm, neutral base, and ‘My Island’ for a bright and bold block of colour. A dab hand at decorating, she got stuck in as soon as the paint arrived…

“I cut in by hand using a brush, then used a roller to fill in the rest – the paint was super easy to apply. For the colour blocking, I actually used a sponge to apply the paint, as I wanted a hazy kind of edge, rather than a solid circle. It worked really well with the paint, and I was so happy with the finish – it was exactly what I wanted!”

Styling the newly-decorated space with a rustic wooden desk, wall hangings and plenty of indoor plants – the vision was complete. Who wouldn’t want to work from home in here!? 

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The main bedroom painted in a picturesque sea blue

Next, we take a peek into their principle bedroom – a place of pure tranquillity and relaxation for Dani and Tom. Before they moved in, this space was a white-wash; making it the perfect canvas for a makeover. They also changed the wardrobes, and added new flooring to bring the room in-line with their own interior preferences. 

Painted in a beautiful shade of sea blue, this room is incredibly inviting and interesting to look at. Layered in gorgeous textures, and dressed with more indoor plants – we’re getting serious Bali-vibes from this unique space. 

Want to create your own blue oasis? Check out colour blue colour palette!

The neutral walls help brighten this north-facing room

Finally, we reach the last stop on Dani’s mini house tour – the kitchen/ diner. Currently labelled as her favourite room in the house, the family spend most of their time in here; socialising and cooking up a storm!  

“This room is north-facing, and can be quite cold at times. I wanted to keep it neutral, but chose a white with a yellow undertone so it would make the natural light that we do get in here, feel as warm as possible. I wanted a light, airy and boho feel in this space, but also somewhere that I could make cosy in the evenings, too.”

Neutral colours like 'Pampas' and 'Sunday Soul' help brighten the room whilst providing some warmth

Originally two separate rooms, Dani and Tom knocked these spaces together to create one large open plan space; making it more suitable for their family and style of living. 

“Initially, we painted half of the room in a dark grey. This was a lovely colour, and very cosy, but recently we decided it was time for a change, and the transformation from dark to light has worked really well for us.”

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Spoilt for choice, Dani admits she has multiple favourites when looking for homeware…

“My go-to brands right now are H&M Home, Zara Home, Urban Outfitters Home, and French Connection. I always like to source new pieces from and Fy!, too. Recently, I’ve purchased some fabulous rattan dining chairs from (I went for a bit of a mix & match theme in here), but they’re super comfy and work really well with the space.  

Dani creates that Boho look by mix and matching rattan and natural materials

I also found an amazing new rug from H&M Home, which I have in the living room. It’s huge, really hardy, and I love the pattern on it. I’ve just bought a beautiful, small lilac Mustard Made locker, too; which I’m not sure where to put yet – but I couldn’t resist the colour!”


With a long and never-ending list of jobs for the house, Dani predicts that their next job will most likely be the hallway and landing area. 

“We have a fabulous Georgian staircase (my husband says it reminds him of a ship), but it’s definitely a space that could be a real feature in our home, and I’m excited to get going with it!”

If it’s anything like the rest of their home, we’re confident that we’re all in for a real treat! 


“Go with what you want. Don’t worry about whether you’ll love something in a few years’ time, as nothing is forever, and our homes and style are constantly evolving. If you love an idea, then be brave and go for it!” 

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