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Neutral Perfection, At Home with Melanie Lloyd

Mel from @my_grey_place has kindly invited us into her four-bedroom detached house, based in Cheshire… come join us for a look around, won’t you? 

Twenty years ago, Mel and her husband, Rob, bought this empty new-build property and transformed it into a contemporary and stylish home. Having been used to big, period home renovations prior to this, she enjoyed putting her stamp on something a little less structurally demanding. 

Working as a Secondary School Careers Advisor by day, and a Content Creator by evenings and weekends, Mel is one busy lady! She enjoys a fast pace lifestyle; remaining challenged and stimulated by the topics she loves the most, especially since their two children have grown up and fled the nest!

Mel prefers a minimal home style, and doesn’t like anything that’s too fussy or busy to look at. “Classic and pretty” are the words Mel used, and we can totally see this theme running throughout her beautiful home. 

“It’s a neutral colour scheme full of monochrome contrasts, teamed with the use of natural textures, such as rattan and wood – but that certainly doesn’t mean boring!”

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼

Over the past few years, Mel found herself becoming a big fan of DIY and refurbish projects. She loves the idea that something is completely unique, and can’t be purchased by anyone else. Items that are simply one of a kind. 


Mel discovered our brand when searching for the dream, ‘soft greige’ colour for her living room walls. She had ordered swatches and paint samples from other brands, but as a self-confessed perfectionist, nothing was standing out. 

“COAT’s Peel & Stick Swatches are only £1 each; and because they’re sticky, they can be moved around as many times as you like. So much easier than using paint samples, that are not only more expensive, but they make of a mess of your walls!”

Not only did Mel love our sample patches, but she also loved our selection of neutral colours. Using neutral tones in our homes is the best way to create a timeless backdrop, allowing you to interchange contrasting furniture and accessories. There aren’t many colours that don’t look utterly fantastic next to a neutral… 

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼

After shortlisting five of her favourite COAT neutral’s, Mel decided to live with the sample swatches around her home for a few more days. These included ‘Pampas’, ‘Good Intentions’, ‘Sunday Soul’, ‘Duvet Day’ and ‘Early Breakfast’.

We always recommend this, as it’s the best way to really gage how a colour will look in your own home, and especially how it changes with both natural and artificial light. 

“I also took photographs of them to see what they looked like on a screen. And of course, I shared with my Instagram followers and asked them to vote for their favourite... which confirmed my thoughts, too!”

Mel had glowing reviews for her experience with our paint, describing it as “easy to apply”, with “a thick and creamy consistency”. One of her favourite qualities, is the matt finish – which is also super easy to wipe down and maintain. With our paint now featuring across three rooms in Mel’s house, it’s safe to say she’s a pretty big fan!


The first stop on Mel’s home tour, is her living room. A light and airy space with neutral walls and black accent colours. Before the makeover, the walls were a cool grey colour, which felt cold and frosty; so, her search for a warmer tone was definitely successful in our paint colour, ‘Sunday Soul’. The brownish-grey tone is a cosy and welcoming colour, creating a much more inviting space for her and Rob to relax in, on an evening.  

Finished with her signature minimal style and vases of pampas grass, the only pattern to be found is on their statement tiled fireplace and funky wall prints. She recently injected some more character to the walls, too; by adding DIY panelled frames and covering them in more of our ‘Sunday Soul’. Such a simple and affordable hack, which creates great focal points for any space. 

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼

The next room is her principle bedroom, and the most bohemian-styled in the whole house. Mel chose to switch it up in this space, and use a dark colour as the main backdrop, and team that with all neutral accents and accessories. She has also recognised that this room has become a firm favourite with her Instagram followers, too. Maybe there could be more darker tones on the horizon for Mel?

Finally, we take a peek inside her recently renovated, monochrome bathroom. As the room is more on the smaller side, they chose to install a free-standing bath to give the illusion of more floor space. 

The walls were finished in white, rectangular tiles, and the window with plantation shutters – this contemporary bathroom looks like something out of a glossy magazine! Styled to perfection with more pampas grass, candles and wooden accessories – this space is ideal for running a hot bath and destressing after a long, busy day. 


Mel is preparing for her next big project – their en-suite bathroom! 

Need you ask the colour scheme… neutrals, of course - the real key to her heart. There are also plans to install a whole new suite and add brand new tiles to the walls. We can’t wait for this one…


“Don’t just buy a paint colour because it looks good in somebody else’s home, or online. Always test colours on your own walls first, and in different lights. If you’re unsure of a colour to choose, then go for a neutral and add accents; teamed with accessories such as cushions, throws, rugs. If you want to go dark and bold, maybe do it as an accent wall first – you may find that this is enough to give the look you want.

It’s your home, do whatever you want. Be individual!”

Inspired? Grab Peel & Stick Swatches to try at home 🙌🏼






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