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Calming Nursery Colours

New arrival on the way? Big congrats. You could do with a calming space, for you as much as the baby. We’ve pulled together a run down of the best paint colours to create a tranquil space for you and your little one. Lets face it, sleep is king.

Let science do it's thing

As you’d expect there has been a lot of study around colour impact on mood and wellbeing. 

If creating a sleep-centered space is your goal, avoid darker bold colours. While lighter neutral and pastel shades promote sleep, deep, dramatic colours can have an energising effect, not ideal at 3am.

Creds: miniminxkids

But you don’t need to be a scientist or psychologist to choose your next colour for a soothing sleep sanctuary. Just follow the basic guidance above, sit back, and pick out one of the following:

Pale Blue

Lie-In by COAT - we’d all love one

Pale Blue Nursery  

Image from Pinterest 

Blue is a calming colour. And it comes with a whole host of medical benefits: lowering blood pressure and heart rate, as well as decreasing anxiety and aggression. An ideal colour all round, but especially for the little ones that have trouble sleeping, or are particularly tantrum prone. Try Lie In- we promise it lives up to the name!

Light Green 


Hamilton by COAT - light and foggy

Image from Pinterest

Green is associated with nature, and there is nothing more calming than being in your natural habitat. However, no one wants a bright green room, so opt for a more aesthetically pleasing earthy green or Teal. Hamilton or Home Grown will do nicely.

Pale Purple

Montage by COAT - soft and calming

Pale Purple Nursery

Image From 

A regal shade for a royal baby. Purple is associated with wisdom and wealth, and I’m sure you want both for your baby (and yourself!). Take care when choosing the shade; too dark and it’ll look gloomy, too bright and it loses its calming effect. For the perfect purple, try Montage. 

Pale Pink

Two Scoops by COAT - think dusty baby pink

Dusty Pink Nursery

Image from 

Pink generates feelings of warmth and comfort, making it an ideal colour to keep your baby calm (and noise free). However, it can also lead to agitated and restless toddlers. To avoid the hassle of changing your kids room colour after a few years, opt for a pale and dusty pastel pink. Two Scoops is just what you need!

Warm Neutral

Pampas by COAT - a warming natural vibe

Warm Neutral Nursery  

Image from

Neutral shades have a strong grounding effect, and create a much needed cosy vibe. GIve your little ones eyes a break from stimulation with a warm yet simple colour. Pampas is perfect, as is our latest shade, Duvet Day. 

You can order COAT paint samples for your nursery with free next day delivery. And while the paint colour is important, so are the paints ingredients, particularly when dealing with kids. Be assured that there is nothing nasty inside your paint by ordering with us: all our paint is water-based, Low VOC and Low Odour. Ideal for little ones, your nursery will be ready in no time! 

Check out the full range of COAT colours here.




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