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The Best Bathroom Colours

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, yet for many folks it's the room where practicality and durability outweigh style. Look we get it, we're not all going to be living it up in our personal home Spas. But choosing the right colour, the right bathroom paint, and accessorising carefully are easy things that can help notch up those style points in the bathroom.

Here's a quick download of some colour palettes and ideas that can work well for home bathrooms. Including a quick once-over for choosing the right type of bathroom paint -  as well as the colour...

The Best Colours for Bathrooms

Bright White And Timeless

White Bathroom Emulsion Paint Screenshot

White is a go-to colour for bathrooms. It’s bright, light and has a timeless feel. Perfect for creating a clean and crisp look for your space. If you want to opt for a crisp classic white, Screenshot from COAT could be a great shout. Low Salt has a very slight grey edge, whereas Pampas errs on the warmer yellow side. 

Assuming your fixtures like the toilet and bath are white too, you might want to break up the room a little with some coloured accents. Thankfully there are some great options in bathrooms for doing this. If you've got cabinets or mirrors, maybe choose a coloured wood for example. Or if not, then maybe a contrasting floor? Failing all of that the simplest way could be in the details - chrome, gold or even black taps and shower fixtures can look amazing.

White Bathroom Emulsion Paint Screenshot

Bold And Deeply Coloured

Dark Green Paint Ditch The Tie

Dark Traditional Green 'Ditch The Tie' making a statement. Image @milestone_cottage via Insta.

If bold colours are more your thing, embrace that. White can be a timeless choice, but bold and even bright bathroom colours have been making a statement in bathrooms for hundreds of years. Dark Traditional Green or Dark Blue can give you a really dramatic look, especially with the contrast of white fixtures. If you want to be really bright, try punchy teals Pool House or Maverick. They'll be sure to brighten up your morning - however early you have to be up. 

Mint Green Bathroom Emulsion Paint Maverick

A punchy mint green like 'Maverick' works amazingly in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Pastel And Inviting

Pink Bathroom Emulsion Paint Two Scoops

Use soft and earthy pinks like Two Scoops or Ciao, Sofia 

Bathrooms can feel like cold spaces, and not only because you get naked in them. Smaller spaces and those lacking natural light especially can feel clinical. Using a comforting paint shade from peachy pinks or earthy neutrals can help to bring a sense of warmth to the bathroom.

You could think about teaming up warmer paint shades with natural materials in the wood or even wicker accessories too. Whether you're choosing a natural wood for cabinets, or simply including some wicker baskets or wooden bath accessories, it can really help to make the room feel less clinical.

Pink Bathroom Emulsion Paint Two Scoops

Peachy shades like Milk, No Sugar work well to warm up smaller bathrooms.

Choose Specialist Bathroom Paint

Choosing the right type of paint for bathrooms is even more important than the right colour! Bathrooms get wet, humid and can become prone to mould. Choose a specialist bathroom paint especially in smaller bathrooms and around wet areas. All of COAT's amazing colours are available in a Soft Sheen finish for Bathrooms - moisture proof, wipeable and mould resistant too - they're perfect.

You can pick up the matching colour in our Eggshell finish if you have any wood or metal in the bathroom too. It's super hardy and specially designed for those surfaces.

Now all that is left to do is to get painting! Find your perfect bathroom paint colour from COAT's range here.




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