At Home With Vicky, 1930s Semi Charmed Life

Fancy another look around a perfectly renovated gaff? Of course you do. This time, it's the turn of Vicky and her cosy, colourful home in Manchester. Better known as 1930s Semi Charmed Life on instagram, Vicky's home is all about bold colours, interesting textures with a cool, Mid-Century vibe

We settled down for a cuppa with Vicky to get the lowdown on how to choose the best paint for wood, and how she transformed her dreamy loft style bedroom with the help of COAT Paints 🌈

See - mid-century modern can work with colour!

"We loved the exposed brick wall in the bedroom the moment we saw it. It was one of the main selling points of the house for us," says Vicky. "But the bedroom definitely needed a new lease of life. The wardrobes were painted in a kind of country cottage sage green which really isn't our style at all."

So, the hunt was on for the perfect paint shades to transform the couple's bedroom... no shocks that COAT was firmly on the radar then.

"We decided the exposed brick wall and the orange ottoman at the end of the bed had to stay," says Vicky, "so it was really about finding the right colours to complement those elements."

Neutrals keep the loft room lofty, with pops of colour for interest

It's always nice to work with what you've got, instead of feeling obliged to change everything in the room. When it came to choosing a paint colour for the wooden wardrobes, Vicky turned to COAT Paints and our handy Peel & Stick swatches. It meant she could try out a range of colours without shelling out on costly tester pots or slapping a load of different paints on the wall.

In the running were strong shades in our durable eggshell paint like Moritz, My Island and Sima.. but it was dark rusty red The Old Corset Factory that captured Vicky's heart.

Neutral "colours" like Duvet Day are warm and far from clinical

"As soon as I put the swatches on the wardrobe, The Old Corset Factory instantly stood out to me," says Vicky. "It was absolutely right against the brick wall – a lovely deep colour, but not too bright. It was perfect! And it was great that we could move the swatches around the room and try out different combinations."

A bold pop of colour lives effortlessly on the 'drobes

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Next up, Vicky and her partner Mike needed to find the perfect neutral shade for the rest of the room. Neutrals - everyone's favourite game...

"Because it's a loft extension with no clear stopping point because of all the angles, we decided to paint everything except the wardrobes and the brick wall in the same, pale shade," says Vicky. "We chose Duvet Day because we wanted a warm and inviting neutral. We've painted the skirting boards, walls and ceiling all in the same colour. This  gives the room a really soft look because it feels like there aren't any edges. We love it!'

Pale, layered linen softens the whole style

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Now that the paint colours were in place, it was time for Mike to start work on Vicky's dream chevron wooden floor. 

"Mike is definitely the muscles of the operation," says Vicky. "I come up with the ideas and he's the one who executes them because he's really handy. He's never once disagreed with my ideas, but the floor was a challenge because of all those different bits of wood. He said that's his first and last floor. Never again!"

Black accents add a classy touch too

So, now that the bedroom's complete, does this mean the 1930s Semi Charmed Life house is finished?

"It'll never be finished!" says Vicky (with a wry smile). "This house is like the Forth Bridge! We've completed most of the living spaces now. Next on the list is the kitchen. The grand plan is to knock through to the dining room, add an extension and create a big open space at the back of the house. That would be the dream!"

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How would you describe your interior style?

"I would say eclectic with bit of a bohemian edge. I love to create a dark and cosy feel with lots of plants and texture."

Greenery and flowers never, ever, detract from a scheme

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt along the way with your renovation?

"Not to take it all too seriously. Have fun with it and don't worry about what others might think. You shouldn't have to please anyone else. It's your space, so make it exactly how YOU want it."

What advice do you have for anyone considering a big renovation project? 

"Don't rush into it. Especially when it comes to something like choosing paint colours. We lived in our house for about 18 months before we did anything. We take our time and do a lot at night and at weekends because we have to fit it in around work. If you take your time, you'll end up making a decision you're really sure about – one that you'll really love and enjoy living with."

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