At Home With The Brixton Home Boys

There’s nothing we love better than having a nosy around a freshly decorated pad, and this one from our pals The Brixton Home Boys is an absolute corker. The daring duo took a dark ground floor flat in south London and transformed it into an oasis of natural light and calm 

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Sweatpants emulsion by COAT paints

@the_brixton_home_boys Brixton kitchen is a masterclass in pared back organic style

We got the lowdown from David, one half of The Brixton Home Boys, about how they went about choosing the perfect paint colour for their kitchen and why he and Andrew’s different interiors styles complement each other perfectly.

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Sweatpants emulsion paint by COAT paints

Pale Grey Sweatpants by COAT sits naturally as the backdrop to darker units

“The minute we saw this flat, we knew we had to have it,” says David. “We were looking for a project and we both felt we could breathe new life into this place. It was a Victorian end of terrace with the potential to extend into the side return. The existing kitchen was really dark with no access to the garden, so we felt we could create a big new kitchen at the rear with lots of space and light.”

Sweatpants pale grey emulsion COAT paints

It's Grey, but it's warm - Sweatpants by COAT paints in brightly lit space

So, just after David and Andrew got married in 2019, they became the proud owners of a new home which needed a LOT of TLC. Once the rear extension was built, which features loads of glazing to flood the room with light, the search was on to find the perfect paint shade to complement the boys’ gorgeous dark blue kitchen units.

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Sweatpants pale grey emulsion paint by COAT paints

Neutral paints like Sweatpants perfectly pair with natural materials like wood and brick

“Choosing the wall colour was one of the hardest decisions we made,” says David. “But when we started researching paint companies we soon discovered there were so many different variations of white. It turns out you can have too much choice! Using COAT paints made everything much simpler. They sent us one of their neutral swatch packs and we just chose from that.”

Sweatpants pale grey emulsion by COAT paints

Brass accents lift darker colours, like David Rose or 2AM

Using COAT’s handy Peel & Stick swatches, David and Andrew stuck their two favourites – Sweatpants and Good Intentions – up on the wall and stood back to see how they looked in different lights and at different times of the day. These boys know how to take their own sweet time to get things absolutely spot on.

Sweatpants pale grey emulsion paint by COAT paints

Picture walls can add colour to neutral schemes, and create a relaxed vibe

“We lived with the paint samples up on the wall for a good couple of weeks before we took the plunge,” says David. Sweatpants came out on top and we absolutely love it. The colour turned out exactly as we thought it would from the swatch. It reflects light around the room and it always feels warm and relaxed in here, even though it’s a north-facing room.”

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The boys’ home has a stylish, pared-back vibe which celebrates vintage finds set against a calm, classic backdrop. So how do David and Andrew go about making their design decisions? Are they always on the same page when it comes to interiors?

sweatpants pale grey emulsion paint by COAT paints

Soft Sheen paint is the one for kitchens, especially in wet areas where it'll wipe down easily

“Yes and no,” says David. “Andrew’s more into vintage style and I’d say I’m a little bit more mid-century – I prefer cleaner lines. But we play to each others’ strengths when it comes to interiors. I think he’s probably softened my style over the years, and I’ve polished his! For example, our Victorian radiators would never have come about without Andrew. He’s got a brilliant ability to spot vintage pieces. And then we combine our two styles to make something work.”

David works in human resources and Andrew’s in tourism. Do they think they’ll be giving up the day jobs any time to soon to concentrate full-time on interiors?

“No, I don’t think so,” says David. “We both really enjoy interiors, but we like our jobs, too! The next step will probably be another project. We’d like to find a bigger place in Brixton where we can go through the whole house top to bottom. Yes, we’re ready to do it all over again!”

Sweatpants pale grey emulsion paint by COAT paints

David and Andrews kitchen is bathed in light, thanks to the expansive glazing


What’s the one thing you love most about your new space?

“How well the kitchen works for us. It’s such a comforting and soothing place to be. And it’s great to be able to throw open the doors and enjoy that inside outside feeling when the weather’s good. We also wanted a really sociable space. Andrew’s the chef so he takes charge of the food while I sit on the sofa!”

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt along the way with your renovation?

“Don’t feel rushed when making a decision like choosing paint colours. Take your time and make sure you get it right.”

Sweatpants pale grey emulsion paint by COAT paints

Natural woods and the occasional greenery really lift the earthy edge of Sweatpants on the walls

What advice do you have for anyone considering a big renovation project? 

“Think carefully about what your style is and what your preferences are. Use resources like Instagram and Pinterest to get an idea of what you’re into and what your style aesthetic is like.”

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