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Bold and Eclectic, At Home with Sharna Currington

Step inside this beautiful 1930s Victorian semi-detached, located in Luton; home to Sharna, her husband, Ray, and their three children, Armaan, Anniyah and Ambar. 

Sharna describes her style as bold and eclectic. She loves to experiment with old and new, teamed with patterns and colours. As you will see from her Instagram feed, Sharna isn’t afraid to dive head first into interior design. There are so many captivating rooms, which are styled to supreme perfection. 

Be bold and play with pinks in your bathroom, try using 'Ciao, Sofia' or 'Persipan' to get the look. 

Until buying her own home, Sharna didn’t realise she was gradually turning into her mum! It’s funny how the things that excite us when we are younger, are so drastically different as we get older. It’s true that a large proportion of adults enjoy dabbling in a bit of DIY and interior design, here and there. 

“I get a lot of inspiration from period movies and series, as I’m constantly taking a nosey in the backgrounds. Not forgetting the power of social media, too. Instagram has been a massive eye opener for me, giving me the ability to keep up with decor trends & designs.”


Sharna discovered our brand within the home of a fellow Instagram user, and was drawn in by the paint finish and glowing reviews. She described our paint tins, swatches and branding as ‘very professional and stylish’ [blushing], which gave her another reason for wanting to invest in her very own COAT makeover. 

“I was renovating my bathroom and knew I wanted to paint the panelling green, but was unsure what shade, or what type of paint to use with it being a bathroom. I contacted COAT to ask which paint I needed, then ordered three peel & stick swatches, which were brilliant. I was constantly moving them about, and they never lost their stickiness! It was a tough decision between ‘Nomad’, ‘Ditch The Tie’ and ‘Adulting’.”

Feeling green with envy? Check out our dark green swatchpack to try them out at home 💚

Sharna eventually chose ‘Nomad’ for the walls, which is a rich and smokey green. The brown undertones matched perfectly with her rustic green tiles, and the combination officially became a winning one!

“I have lots of allergies, and typically, paint always gives me a headache, makes me sneeze, or I find it hard to breath. I usually have to wear a mask, but I was shocked that COAT paint has been the only brand so far that hasn’t given me a reaction in anyway. I was so, so happy about that! The coverage was brilliant and the paint itself looked rich and thick. It went on like a dream, and I have plenty left over for any touch ups or upcoming projects. I even painted my sons walk-in wardrobe, as I had so much left over…”


When they moved in, the house felt very plain and unloved. It was desperately in need of attention, as many parts were broken or badly installed. Over the four years that Sharna and her family have lived here, she has slowly but surely injected character and imagination back into it. As a bonus, the original features were still intact; including the fireplaces, high skirting and stain glass windows, so they were able to restore and highlight these as part of their renovation works. 

Sharna pairs House of Hackney wallpaper with a dark green wall colour similar to Nomad

The first room Sharna wishes to show you around is their bedroom, which happens to be her favourite room in the house. 

“The fireplace was one of the first areas of the house that I got creative with, using a major pattern clash and bold prints. I love how it turned out.”

This room is incredibly inviting and cosy, allowing the perfect space to relax and revitalise in after a busy day. We just love the mix of bold, plush colours; complete with a mesmerising wallpaper feature wall.  


Wallpaper – ‘PARADISA’ by House of Hackney

Fireplace tiles – Tiles Direct

Armchairs - Next

Try using a black like David Rose on your woodwork to make a statement in your hallway. 

Next, we take a look at her landing spaces and faultless woodwork. Anyone who has attempted a staircase upcycle will know how incredibly time consuming and hard work it is. From sanding all of the spindles, to priming and painting every nook and cranny – it’s blooming hard work, but boy is it rewarding! We think Sharna did an astonishing job.

“I was so pleased and relieved with how it all turned out, and how it brings the whole house together. I think it’s what makes my home personable, and completely encompasses my unique styles. I also feel it’s where my bravery came from; to go with my heart, be bold with my choices and have trust in the vision.”

Sharna used Nomad and green tiles to create this bathroom oasis.

Finally, the bathroom; a recent project finished in our beloved ‘Nomad’. There are so many beautiful things in this room, that we simply don’t know where to start. From the vintage brass, to the original stained-glass windows. It sure is a showstopper! 

“I still walk in and feel so happy that it’s mine. It’s a design that I’ve never seen done before (and I Pinterest a lot!), but looks incredible. I’m ecstatic that my vision paid off, especially as I was nervous at times, but that muddy-green is the cherry on the top, for me!”


Tiles – Porcelain Superstore

Shower – House of Enki 

Rug – Anthropologie 


This summer, Sharna is hoping to renovate their kitchen-diner. Her dream home has always included an open plan living space to spread out in and enjoy as a family, so the excitement is already starting to build. 


“I always say, if there’s an item you love and it’s staying in that space, work around that as a base or a starting point. Don’t be scared to put some personality into your projects, especially as it’s your home. Use other people’s homes as inspiration, but always alter it to suit your own taste.”

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