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Introducing A Rebellious Bright Pink

Every COAT colour has a story to tell. Take a scan through the names, you’ll see. Every month and for one month only, we’ll launch a new colour into the COAT world with an inspiring story to tell. Sitting nicely alongside our core range, “Number 31” is driven by real people with real stories. Forget pretentious shade explanations and chat of colour nuances - we’re talking about on-trend colours that mean something.

This October we’ve teamed up with Fashion House Manon Planche and Interior Design Gurus NUA x DESIGN to launch our very first No.31 - a killer shade of pink.

Amoureuse is bold and unapologetic. It’s about love, bravery, and radical honesty. Bright pink, and what? You can get a colour swatch on us if you want to check it out - here.

Ceiling too? Sure. Amazing use of Bright Pink by agentbauer


Who is Manon Planche?

Manon is a real person, as well as the name behind her own Manon Planche label. As a fashion designer, Manon has experience with the big guns at Louis Vuitton, Oliver Spencer and Anya Hindmarch, whilst more recently flying solo with the Manon Planche brand. Her first collection launched in London back in 2018.

Throwing right back to childhood, Manon recalls being inspired by her Grandmother to create designs and take them all the way through to getting made. Living in her imagination, but turning that into real shareable designs. That’s grit that lives today in her collections.

Bright Pink and Mid-Century Teak? Sf Girl did a real thing here.



Emily and Lou from NUA x DESIGN are equally passionate about challenging what’s expected. Their interior design business offers personalised consultations from just £79, making it way easier to get a uniquely personal home with the help of the pro’s. Disrupting the old school. Again at COAT, we’re all about that too.

Hand-in-hand with Manon Planche, NUA x DESIGN created the Manon Planche pop-up store in Notting Hill to showcase her sustainable SS2020 collection. More on that in a minute...


The Colour then. It’s Pink. Really Pink.

It sure is. Hot Pink. Bright Pink, Raspberry Pink. Whatever you want to call it, Amoureuse is a punchy number that you can’t stop staring at.

And that’s a big part of the inspiration, too. Manon Planche’s designs challenge convention whilst being proudly rebellious. Her fashion is all about empowering people to wear what they want, and to stand out proudly without bowing to convention. Disrupting the world of legacy stereotypes to let a new school shine - now that’s something we can get behind.

Amoureuse channels that loving rebelliousness. It’s a pink that’s pulling no punches. You’re going to fall in love with it, or despise it - and  either is fine. You do you, and let others do the same.

Is the Bathroom the place to go pink? Marcelle Gilbeau thinks so.


The Collaboration

Using ten COAT paint shades including the uniquely created Amoureuse, NUA x DESIGN created the Manon Planche pop-up as a pretty cool space with an even stronger message. The hero being a killer mural by Alice Humphreys (@ali-hump), an incredibly talented artist and illustrator from Brighton.

It’s not really about fashion, it goes beyond that as a showcast of artistic talent. Supporting emerging and under-represented artists, the space symbolises real love and collaboration. Frankly a little bit of what the world needs right now, and Amoureuse was designed with that love in mind.

Manon’s latest SS2020 collection Jet Dreams is sourced and hand produced from post-consumer recycled materials. With the fashion industry contributing more than most to material waste, there’s a keenness from Manon to do things differently. At COAT we dig that too, so our consciously made paints and entirely Carbon Neutral business made for the perfect partnership.

Between Manon, NUA x DESIGN and COAT, we know some things about colour. But beyond that we share the values that Amoureuse stands for.

Bright Pink, sure. Brighter message, always. Get your free Amoureuse swatch here.

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