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Ahead Of The Curve: The Trend For Rounded, Organic Shapes

It's official. 2022 is the year of the curve. Rounded, organic shapes are big news this season – bringing a gentle, comforting vibe to everything from sofas to headboards to lighting. 

Along with this longing for all things curvaceous, comes a need for huggable fabrics such as velvet, bouclé and faux fur. The idea is to introduce soft, sinkable textures alongside those curved shapes to create a cosy, cocooning welcome. 

Being curvy has never been more hot. But how can you embrace curves in your home? Read on for some fully rounded ideas to help you turn your pad into a big warm hug 🤗


“One of the overriding themes for interior design in 2022 is curves," says Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director of Juliettes Interiors. "Smooth continuous lines, padded scalloped edges and fan shapes make their way into luxury sofas, statement armchairs, elaborate headboards and unique bedside tables.” 

When it comes to decorating, you can introduce curved shapes by painting on-trend arched shapes on walls or by creating circular blocks of colour. A filled-in arch is a great to way to create a faux headboard effect behind a bed. Why not paint the arch in our newest yellow House Points against a backdrop of navy blue The Establishment for a really dramatic effect? 

'The Establishment' transforming @raisingtheregans children's bedroom.

A good decorating tip for creating circles is to sketch out the line with a pencil attached to a length of string. Then simply fill it in with one of our new plastery colours such as terracotta Baked and contrast it with our gorgeous pale pink Factor Fifty 💕

@missbethany_b creating a tropical vibe using 'My Island' in her bedroom.

Scalloped shapes are another great way to get curvy with a paintbrush. Why not take inspiration from Instagram's @Oxfordone and her amazing scallop-edged dressing room ceiling? The way she's taken the paint up and over the door onto the ceiling creates a cocooning feel which is delicate and bold all at the same time. 


"You can expect to see more organic shapes coming to the forefront in terms of furniture," says Amanda Huber from The Dining Chair Company. "Curved designs feature softer lines, creating a less strict and more informal setting."

Amen to that, we hear you say 🙏  So how do you play a strong curve game when it comes to furniture? Well, the choice of curved sofas and chairs is a little overwhelming right now, so allow us to take you by the hand and make a few suggestions…

Nola Armchair in sage green which is new in from Abigail Ahern.

First up is the Nola Armchair in sage green which is new in from Abigail Ahern. This cutie of a chair combines clean lines with curved shapes   and it's also on the petite side, making it perfect for smaller apartments where space may be at a premium. It would amazing against one of our new grubby greens Yard Party or Park Life

@houseintheheatons rocking the curvy sofa with 'Pampas' as a neutral backdrop.

If you want chairs for dining rather than slobbing, look no further than's super cool Coco Dining Chair which will bring instant velvety glamour to your takeaways dinner parties. 

To continue the grown-up theme, the Tulip Round Coffee Table from Heal's is an absolute design classic. Impress your mates by serving up their flat whites at this elegant, marble-topped beauty. Or if your budget can't quite stretch that far, why not take a look at the Curve Bull Lounge Table from Amara? Achingly cool, this Mid-Century inspired table has lush, leather curves and handsome oak legs. 

But if you're looking for just one simple update to bring curves into your home, you can't go wrong with the Ombre Fringe Stool from Rockett StGeorge. This gorgeous stool hits all the latest trends in one fell swoop. Curves, velvet and 70s fringing. It's got the lot! 😎


If you thought kitchens and bathrooms were all about straight lines and right angles, it's time to think again. Curves and circular shapes are big news even in the most practical areas of the house, and boy, are we loving this move towards a softer, more fluid aesthetic

Hege Lundh, Marketing Director for Norwegian stone brand Lundhs Real Stone, couldn't agree more. “Harsh, sharp lines will start to be replaced by smoother curves and silhouettes as we seek a more organic and less stark appeal in interiors," she says. "Kitchens, in particular, have become places where we embrace nature in the form of raw, organic surfaces and products."

Natural finishes such as stone and wood clearly tie in with the organic approach, but so do curves in the kitchen such as an island with rounded edges and elegantly curved taps. Our current fave on the tap front is this brassy beauty from Devol. Totally swoonsome! 🔥

Curvy basin vibes in @brickdustbaby's bathroom. Creating a contrast, she opted for 'Ciao, Sofia'.

In the bathroom, round basins are all the rage at the moment. Choose a countertop option such as this gorgeous marble basin from sustainable brand Tikamoon to maximise storage and style. And why not echo this shape with an elliptical free-standing bath such as the beautiful Ovali Bath from BC Designs? Pair them with our stone grey Rathbone Place in soft sheen finish for a pared-back, stylish look. 

The super versatile Old Iron Maze Three Tile.

It's not just baths and basins showing off their curves these days. Tiles are getting in on the act, too. We can't get enough of Bert & May's super versatile Old Iron Maze Three Tile. The curved lines on these beautiful, encaustic tiles allow you to create endless pattern variations. Embrace your creative side and go for it! 🙌


Luxury lighting brand Original BTC are the absolute masters when it comes to creating simple ceramic pendants with ethereal curves. Their iconic Drop Three Pendant is a sculpture in its own right and would look totally epic above a kitchen island or dining area. 

Another favourite of ours is Pooky – an affordable lighting brand with personality by the bucketload. We're currently crushing on the wonderfully wobbly Wobster Table Lamp which comes in a range of vibrant colours. It manages to combine the trends for curves and lacquered finishes all in one. Boom! 💥

Making a statement, @danlovattdesign opted for these funky lights in his iconic living space. Yep, that's 'Darlington' on the walls. 

Embracing the trend for natural materials via lighting is another great way to go. OKA's Calabash Rattan Table Lamp uses woven rattan to create voluptuous curves that will soon have you dreaming of Singapore Slings. 

OKA's Calabash Rattan Table Lamp is a beauty.

We also love a simple mushroom lamp. Their timeless, domed shape makes a nod to the trend for 70s-inspired interiors. Our current fave is the Georgia Table Lamp from Abigail Ahern which comes in matt white or rust. 


Curves aren't just limited to big ticket items this season such as furniture. Rounded shapes are also making their mark in accessories such as rugs, trays and candles.  

Starting from the ground up, a bold rug featuring curved shapes is a great way to embrace the curvy trend. The Sola Graphic Rug from La Redoute brings a welcome shot of on-trend mustard and teal into your home as well as providing a soft landing for your tootsies 🥰

Say less when it comes to this beauty. It's the Small Ceramic Basket from Dowse Design

When it comes to pretty bits and pieces for your home, we are fully on board with the new trend for woven, ceramic designs. Check out the Small Ceramic Basket from Dowse Design which is available in yellow, peach, blue or pink. Its shiny, twisted symmetry is soooo delicious! Time for a fruit bowl upgrade 🍏

All the curves. That vase though! 'Duvet Day' is the perfect neutral backdrop. @melanieacrindle living space. 

Brightly-coloured, twisty candles are also huge right now. We simply adore these shiny Lacquered Twist Candles. Pair them with Abigail Ahern's matt black Monty Candleholder for a dramatic contrast, or place them alongside's amazing Lex Pott Twist Candle which combines candle and sculpture in one.  

Lex Pott Twist Candle. Honestly, how cool are they? Too good to light!  

Not sure where to put your candles? Style them atop an on-trend lacquered tray with a scalloped edge like this one from Addison Ross. Long live the curve! 🌈

Are you ready to try out some curved colour blocking to bring your gaff bang up to date? Order one of our brand new colour cards to view all 56 of our planet-friendly paint colours.



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