Meet Darlington, by Dan Lovatt

Are you ready for our latest paint drop? The interiors world can’t get enough of Greens at the moment and our latest collaboration with @danlovattdesign definitely proves why.

Great in the daylight, cosy at night – meet Darlington.  With muted undertones this grubby greyish green has got a lot to it and yet will make any space appear effortless. Starting with Dan’s carefully curated Living Room revamp.

The latest addition to our No.31 series, Darlington is available now.

TL;DR? Get Darlington swatches to try at home.

Dan is embarking on an inspiring reno project, documenting it all on @danlovattdesign

Darlington, little known to the southerners amongst us (no, it’s not in Kent Rob!🤦‍♀️), but this proper gem of the north is where Dan calls home with his cheeky pupster Frank. Jam packed full of industrial history, Dan’s home is a grand ex-Stable block for the West Lodge estate in the heart of the town.

“The house has an insane history, dating all the way back to the early 1800’s and the Backhouse family. So my mission is to renovate it as sympathetically as possible." Dan says. "Retaining old features and giving them a new lease of life through a collected approach to the interior is my style and colour is such an important foundation to it”

Darlington sage green COAT paint

Darlington's grubby green tones respect the heritage of Dan's home while offering a fresh perspective. 

Dan worked with COAT designers to develop this perfect green for the living room. A soothing, and calming space to retreat into at the end of the day, Darlington’s tones bring the heritage vibe but through a rich and contemporary hue.

Darlington sage green flat matt COAT Paints Dan Lovatt

“The Backhouse Family who built the estate in the 1800’s were big Botanists and have left a big plant legacy – just google Backhousia – so a green was a natural colour for the space (pun intended!).”

Darlington sage green flat matt COAT paint. Backhousia. Dan Lovatt

Grey-Green neutrals are a bit like that favourite item in your wardrobe. They go with everything and are guaranteed to feel comfy and flattering!

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Let’s chat about Greens

With Greens being a trend that’s here to stay, COAT’s got you covered with across the whole spectrum, without being overloaded with choice.

The Lights

A great choice for a north facing room because of their warm undertones, colours like Home Grown and Detox are super adaptable, calming, and reliably pair with both dark and neutral colours to create the perfect room combo.

And Breathe is a great entry level light green because of its subtle beigey beauty. A previous No.31 collab by Katie from @hellohaus,  it's the perfect way to introduce a touch of colour if you're not feeling super brave about going for it with a bolder shade. You can also layer And Breathe with other neutrals and natural textures such as pale wood and linens to create a really restful, Japandi-style space.

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And Breathe Sage Green paint

And Breathe by Katie at @hellohaus brings a touch of colour into a naturally light space.

An underrated combo to consider is green and pink. Teaming Detox with one of our pinky toned shades such as Ciao, Sofia or Pudding can create a lush sage and blush combo - a match made in heaven for a fabulously feminine bedroom scheme.

Get Swatches of Darlington for £1

The Darks

With its ability to inject an instant dose of grown-up sophistication, dark green is huge right now. Our stately green Ditch The Tie is perfect for creating a dark and moody living room. Combine it with furniture in walnut or teak along with brass accents for a cool, gentleman's club vibe. 

Our dark olive green Nomad is also a great choice for smaller spaces such as the downstairs loo or a narrow hallway. It might sound a bit cray cray to choose a dark shade for a small space, but sometimes you just have to embrace the cosiness 🤗 With a small room it's best to slap one deep shade on the walls, skirting boards, ceilings, the lot. That way you'll soften the edges of the room, making it seem a whole lot bigger than it actually is. Genius, huh? 💡

Dark teal Adulting is flying off the shelves at COAT HQ right now and with very good reason. It's a kick arse colour which manages to be both bold and soothing at the same time. (How is that even possible? 🤷‍♀️) Use it to create an elegant look in a large space or a cosy, cocooning effect in a little lounge.

@tiny_victorian_home has done just that in her gorgeous living room. She's paired Adulting with black accents and lots of greenery. Looks great, right?

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Adulting flat matt green paint

Cosy elegance with created with Adulting and black accents.


Back to Darlington

And now, our new kid from up north, Darlington is bang in the middle range. With muted undertones this grubby greyish green has got a lot to it and yet will make any space appear effortless.

Darlington sage gren flat matt COAT paint. Dan Lovatt

Pair Darlington with neutral accents to nail the mid-century vibe which is all about reviving the old classics whilst staying bang on trend in the 21st Century. We recommend a striking combo of Darlington and Good Intentions.

Darlington and Good Intentions Matt emulsion paint COAT paints

Pair Darlinton with Good Intentions for a revival vibe.

What’s the name about?

So the name, Darlington. Is what it says on the tin! With definite Bridgerton vibes and the perfect way for COAT to jump the infamous north-south divide, we’re pinning it as the new ‘Ton’ in town.

Convinced? Us too. Get your Darlington COAT now.

What is No.31 from COAT?

We think colours should come from people, with real stories to tell. Each month COAT launches a new colour on-top of our existing palette. Designed to perfectly suit a real person and their real home - it’s about launching beautiful colours that inspire. And we get to have even more fun with colour names, obvs. 

Darlington by Dan of @danlovattdesign is an exclusive run launching August 2021, with swatches and paint available to order now at