Humble & Well Grounded, by Luke Arthur Wells

Sure, the last year has meant staying at home a lot more than usual for most of us. But that all important escape has come from being outdoors. I don’t know about you, but we’ve found ourselves feeling just that little bit closer to nature.

The warm beige and buff tones that are so popular right now all have their roots in natural materials. Sand, stone, even some pale woods and grasses... they’re the neutral colour alternatives to true blue-greys that we’re all loving in our homes at the moment.

It’s time for COAT’s No.31 in April, by interior stylist, blogger, and ridiculously talented DIY-er Luke Arthur Wells  (@lukearthurwells). And this month things are a little bit different...

Hands down the Number 1 customer question we get at COAT is “What colour goes with..?”. Complementary colours can take some getting right - hence why lots of people default to white for ceilings and woodwork. We wanted to create a timeless, neutral pairing that’s a sure-fire Japandi winner.

So not one, but TWO limited run shades by Luke are dropping today for April. Meet Humble and Well Grounded. Inspired by the natural veins of travertine stone, these two neutral shades work perfectly together to create a warm, natural space. Whether for walls and woodwork, walls and ceilings, or some contrast panelling like Luke has created… use both shades to channel that warm, natural vibe in a perfect pairing.

“There’s always been this perception that beige is boring” says Luke, “but just like any colour, there’s a lot of variety in tone to play around with. Humble & Well Grounded is a duo of rich yet energetic beige and taupe. There’s a certain playful quality to these colours that I think brings a lot of character to a room”

Luke's classic colour pairing Humble & Well Grounded is inspired by the variations in natural Travertine stone

“My inspiration for this paint was a beautiful side table I have made from Italian travertine from a brand called Maami. The creamy stone had a beautiful veining that was just a touch darker, creating a beautiful depth to the travertine without too much contrast” says Luke. “I started looking at other examples of the variety of travertine, and picked this duo to try and capture it in paint form.”

Luke's original inspo for Humble & Well Grounded came from this Maami side table in his home

“This super-sized 3D feature wall is another take on the panelling trend. I made it using PVC gutters, from the local DIY store, cut to size and mounted onto a backboard. It’s super dramatic and adds an amazing texture to the space.”

Humble & Well Grounded work seamlessly in half-height walls or luxe panelling

“Working with COAT to create Humble & Well Grounded meant several iterations and shades to get the pairing right” says Luke. “The team at COAT were great, and their luxury paint is a dream to work with on my DIY projects. Being Carbon Neutral and ethical as a business really made the partnership work for me too.”

Why not use Humble & Well Grounded to create a dropped ceiling?

If you need a steer on complementary colours, check out COAT’s Colour Visualiser. You can play with colours together on the walls and woodwork using complementary palettes our Interior Designers have created. Or go freestyle, the choice is yours. Try the Colour Visualiser now.

Use bothHumble & Well Grounded for a fail-safe neutral scheme

COAT neutral shades are legendary, and we've loved working with Luke to add another couple to our range. Tightly curated, we’re all about avoiding 50 shades of white with a handful of our timeless neutrals. Working with Luke and his natural, minimal style to create Humble & Well Grounded has given us a neutral pairing that never falters. Calming bedroom, classic living space or a properly Zen home office… all up for grabs. So why not grab Swatches and try for yourself?

What is No.31 from COAT?

We think colours should come from people, with real stories to tell. Each month COAT launches a new colour on-top of our existing palette. Designed to perfectly suit a real person and their real home - it’s about launching beautiful colours that inspire. And we get to have even more fun with colour names, obvs. 

Humble & Well Grounded by Luke Arthur Wells is an exclusive run launching April 2021, and swatches and paint are available to order now at