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Introducing COAT x Laura Jackson - The Parisian Edit

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you just know.

It’s a city where subtlety is an art, and somehow comfort and elegance go hand in hand.

Wandering the streets to nowhere, a timeless nostalgia taps your shoulder. It’s making sure you look twice, to see what’s really there.

Glowing in discreet colour, Paris has a style that’s hard to pin down. But it’s one that you ache to feel in daily life……

Enter our new COAT x Laura Jackson Edit

The exclusive six-colour palette of iconic neutrals backed by indulgent darks will effortlessly give any space an air of something perfectly indescribable.

Sold? Get the swatch pack.

With the introduction of this Edit, style and interiors guru Laura Jackson joins the COAT crew as our new Style Consultant. TV presenter, journalist and co-founder of one of our fave stores, Glassette, the joy of Laura’s style influence is that she always makes it accessible and ownable to anyone wanting to create their home, their way. 

When we started talking to Laura about the inspiration for her Edit, there was only one choice. Fresh off the plane from a cheeky weekend in Paris, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ energy of her favourite city was the brief…….and we think it’s bang on.

“I wanted to create a timeless palette that perfectly represents that feeling of wandering around and finding indescribable inspiration in Paris. There’s colour everywhere you look in the city but it’s always simple and effortless. The colours, and the whole city, transcend trends - being steeped in history and yet timeless in their longevity. My edit for COAT brings to life the feel of my most loved and memorable spots in Paris, as a totally unique colour palette that I believe will be able to go in any home”. 

You be the judge - Explore the Edit.

Ready to meet the colours? 

Let’s take a stroll through the city.

Café Flore 

A mid beige that’s enticing and flawless. 

Café Du Flore has been at the social centre of Paris since Pablo and his friends were galavanting round the city (keep reading…’ll see what we’ve done there). To this day, it’s a place where you can watch the world go by and spot the chicest people. And the strawberry tarts……..just stop.

Grab a swatch, and a coffee.


Fuelled up on tarts and bubbles, it’s time to free your imagination and lose yourself in the treasure troves across the city.

Bookstore, is a stylish off white which can be used alone, or works as the perfect blank page to pair with a more indulgent partner, like The Tobacconist.

Ready to write your story? Grab a Bookstore swatch.

The Tobacconist

Time for a quick pit stop. There’s a shop on the corner that’s lost in the ages, and yet so familiar.

This effortlessly stylish deep bronze-green is addictive. There just when you need it as a statement colour against Paris’ more neutral tones.

Grab a packet at The Tobacconist.


Everyone’s artist friend from olden times, you can still imagine him today pounding the travertine around Montmartre. 

This bright and clean pale putty that’s a bit lilac - a little goes a long way, with confidence.

Ready to stage a creative rebellion of your own? Try Pablo now.


Inspired by the original freedom fighter, where subtlety meets bravery this versatile warm white that can be used anywhere and everywhere.

As you wander the streets, look up. Voltaire is the backdrop to the city.

Grab a Voltaire Swatch.

Brasserie Brown

Time to get off your feet, you’ve earnt those calories.

Like the evening ahead, Brasserie Brown is rich and indulgent.  A deep brown that’s slightly purple, owning the moment you choose to use it against its neutral pals.

Ready to indulge? Shop Brasserie Brown.


So, are you ready for the adventure? Us to.

Shop the Edit now, for a dose of timeless neutrals and statement darks that are enviably chic, and will never go out of fashion. 




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