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The COAT Glow Up Weekender

You can totally transform a room with a fresh coat of paint. And it doesn’t take that long either - promise. So with the Bank Holiday coming up, why not pencil in a COAT makeover? Here’s how.

The Game Plan

Order your COAT paint of choice. Our careful selection of 56 shades means you can’t go wrong. Our legendary neutral shades are a fail safe option if you’re feeling bashful. Order by 1pm on 13th April to get your paint in time for the Bank Hol fun.

Saturday Morning

Let’s prep the room before the paint turns up. You want to clear the floor first - or shove everything central - then cover up. COAT paint is spatter-free, but spills happen so it’s best to be thorough.

Then it’s time to lightly sand woodwork, fill any holes, and give everything a proper clean. Just warm soapy water, or sugar soap if you’ve got it. Paint needs a clean, non-shiny surface to stick too. Check out this handy video for all the tips and tricks.


Carb the heck up. You’ll need your best rollering arms at the ready for this afternoon… Need a quick re-run on how to get the best finish? Watch this ✌🏼

Saturday Afternoon

Your COAT paint and supplies are sitting proudly on your doorstep. It’s time to crack open the boxes, and give your silky-smooth paint a stir with the stir stick provided (you’re welcome).

Use your decorators tape to edge the skirting boards and woodwork. We wouldn’t do it on the ceiling, just use a steady hand for the line.

Start with the edges, using a brush to create neat lines across the ceiling and down the sides. Get eye-level if you can. Then go nuts with a roller and fill in the walls. COAT paint goes on like a dream, so you’ll enjoy this part a lot.

Saturday Wine O’Clock

You’ve done your first COAT on the walls. Bravo. If you’re lucky, then crack open a bottle and maybe dial the local takeaway. Otherwise, collect the kids and kick-off dinner and start wrestling with the bedtime routine. We hear ya.

Sunday Morning

Pop the tin, and go for round two on the walls. Edges first, then roller to fill. Then you can remove tape from the skirting and woodwork, and paint those up using our Eggshell paint. Use a mini-roller on the skirting if you haven’t before. Game. Changed.

Sunday Afternoon

Clean up time. Wash your luxe COAT kit with warm soapy water, pack your empty tins back into their special COAT boxes. Send them back to us and we’ll recycle everything - from tin, to cardboard, to paint. Everything is reprocessed with zero waste to landfill. Save your understairs cupboard, and the planet. Head to our FAQs for all the deets on how to do this ♻️ 

Sunday Antiques Roadshow O’Clock

Kick back on the sofa, and let that soothing theme tune wash all over your achy roller arms. You did good, really good. The room looks incredible and you know it’s good for years to come. 

Enjoy it, and marvel at what can be done in just one weekend.

Plan B

All sounding too ambitious? We call this one ‘The Hungover Sunday Special’.

Grab a tin of COAT paint and focus on just the one wall. Choose a contrasting colour to the rest, and ideally a wall that ‘frames’ something - like the sofa or a bed head. Start by neatly edging the wall with a brush, then fill in with a roller. Leave for 2-4 hours to dry, and repeat.

Lacking inspiration? We'll make it easy for you. Inspo here. 👀

“Wow, this room looks amazing!” cries everyone. And you can enjoy the smug warmth of a productive hangover. You’re welcome.



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