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10 Top Painting Tips From The Pros

Very few of us are professional painters – some of us think we are; but smart cookies take on-board a few tips. So here are some of our favourite hacks from the people who’s job it is to know:

1 Do the ceiling first

Painting above first stops drips falling onto just-painted walls, or being left with the fine mist from rollering a ceiling. Definitely a good idea. 

2 Sand shiny or rough

You want an even surface to paint on to get a smooth finish. If you have a bumpy, glossy (shiny) or heavily painted surface, sand it before painting (180 grit, check the back of the sandpaper). Give it a quick clean and you’re away.

3 Go for quality every time

It can be tempting to stock up on cheap buys. But unfortunately these don’t necessarily mean value for money. Cheap brushes don’t cover the walls as well and low-cost paint proves difficult to apply and damages easier. Sometimes shopping smart isn't shopping cheap. 

4 Remove switch covers

Avoid getting paint on wall switches by removing the covers altogether. Simply unscrew them to make sure they’re pristine and unmarked once you’re done. You'll thank yourself later. 

5 Two COATs

It might be tempting to just put a single coat of paint on and call it a day, but to get the best colour and a finish that lasts 2 coats are always recommended. The second coat is always quicker.

6 Keep corners light

Avoid too much paint collecting or running in corners by ‘pushing’ paint into any angles where walls or woodwork meet. Do this by dragging the brush slowly a couple of times.

7 Light up woodwork

Before painting skirting boards or other types of woodwork get a bright light and examine the wood for any small dents. Circle them with a pencil and fill them in before painting.

8 Damp cloth at the ready

Get rid of residue paint from glass windows, skirting or window sills with a damp cloth. Use it in combination with decent decorating tape to get those clean lines and wipe up any paint that has overrun.

9 Cover up

Paint and brushes can dry out in the tin or tray if they’re left out for a while. You can avoid this by covering them with a lid or damp cloth when not in use.

10 Do the skirting last

Following the logic of start at the top and finish at the bottom, make sure you paint any skirting and trim last so it doesn’t get any rogue paint spatter on it.

Check out the COAT Brief and our newbie tips on our FAQ page for more painting how-to's. You'll be an expert in no time, trust us. 





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