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What's Biophilic Design?

OK so it sounds a little science-y, and that's fair. In its truest sense 'Biophilia' means a love of nature, and as humans we've got an innate connection with nature and natural processes. So what does that mean for interiors?

Biophilic design means connecting our spaces with nature, and channelling that joy it gives us. That means natural colours, shapes, materials and even layouts - thinking from paint colours through to window boxes. Read more, it'll make sense...

Cover shot by @zephs_house. Shop COAT Biophilic Colour Schemes

Green Biophilic Paint Interior Design by COAT Paints

Pale green ‘Detox’ alongside natural marble and foliage, by @houseofharnasz on Insta

One option to bring some instant biophilic style into your space is to choose a nature-inspired paint colour for the walls. Pale greens like Detox work well, or earthier shades of Home Grown and And Breathe all channel a really fresh natural vibe. Add houseplants to contrast the paler shade and keep the air fresh too.

Green Biophilic Paint Interior Design by COAT Paints

Think about rugged stone and wood, like @the_brixton_home_boys on Insta

But wall colours aren't the only way to channel biophilic design in your space. Think about natural materials like stone and wood, which you can bring in on the floor or furniture. Unfinished surfaces (i.e. not super smooth and refined) can feel a little bit more rugged, and that imperfect style is pretty timeless.

Green Biophilic Paint Interior Design by COAT Paints

Rugged textured artwork works a dream too, here by on Insta

On that same rugged theme, don't forget artwork and prints. Our favourites at the mo are textured canvases. If you're a DIY bod you can create one quite easily yourself with some paint, an old canvas and some polyfilla... but there are plenty available to buy if not. Alternatively, think about botanical prints with natural or bare wood frames. 

Shop COAT Biophilic Colour Schemes

Green Biophilic Paint Interior Design by COAT Paints

We're all about the houseplant overload, here by @benkandbo on Insta

A surefire way to channel nature indoors is with houseplants. Yeah, rocket science we get it. All COAT neutral paints have earthy tones that pair well with green foliage, and you can tie the natural scheme together with raw concrete or stone plant pots too. Not forgetting the really pleasant fact that air indoors is 5x more filthy than outside - so a dose of houseplants is a good idea in any interior.

Think about the overall palette and using natural shades, like here by @hello_haus on Insta

A biophilic interior scheme on the whole has three core elements:

- Colour palette: start by choosing earthy neutral or green paint colours to create the backdrop to your biophilic design scheme

- Material choice: natural woods and stone are no-brainers in a biophilic scheme, and natural or unfinished versions are best. Think raw and naturally coloured.

- Botanicals: plants, plants and more houseplants. Tag teamed with rugged pots, ideally too. If you're short on surfaces think about macrame hangers, or botanical prints. 

 Biophilic interior design schemes by COAT paints

Don't forget the outside-in effect of glazing, like here by @the_brixton_home_boys on Insta

Lastly, biophilic design really is about bringing the outside in and connecting spaces with nature. So don't forget about how glazing and windows connect your scheme. If you're lucky enough to have huge windows, you can extend the same flooring or even wall colours and materials inside. Or on a smaller scale, think about using a simply planted window boxe to bring a sense of the garden closer to the inside.

Most people get a good feeling from bringing more nature into the home. It's science. So give Biophilic design a chance, maybe starting with wall colours...

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