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What's Greige Paint?

Fancy a hushed Grey with a bit of Beige warmth? Enter Greige - the colour you get when you mix the two. Beige brings that comfort that everyone wants at home, with Grey adding an earthy kick. Greige in various shades might just be that perfect neutral...

How To Use Greige at Home 

The good news is that Greige suits pretty much any room - studies, lounges, bedrooms, dark rooms, light ones... name it. Here are a few ways you can use Greige paint of various shades in your home. Thank us later. 

Greige in your lounge

COAT Greige Emulsion Paint
Sunday Soul, Image by @live_by_george 

The lounge is usually a grown-up room for socialising and relaxation. It needs to be comforting and cosy, but ready to impress guests on demand. Paint your wall a rich shade of Greige - Sunday Soul and Good intentions are great choices - and use soft furnishings and accessories to shift the room's mood when needed. Need a calming oasis after a long day's work? Add a warm coloured throw to your sofa, and use accent lighting. Want to impress your guests? Get some plants and sanctimonious coffee table books - and invest in some seriously statement cushions too.

A paler shade of Sunday Soul is Good Intentions, the softer element of which works so well in children's bedrooms too. 

COAT Emulsion Paint Good Intentions
Good Intentions, Image by @the.wests.nest_

Greige in your Kitchen and Dining Area 

Grey Emulsion Paint Coat Kind Regards
Not only can Greige warm a room up, it can open it right up too. For big open plan spaces with lots of different furnishings, Greige can work as a neutral base to tie everything in. Use Kind Regards, a Greeny Greige, and you’ll be sure to keep the clinical vibes far away while retaining a sense of openness that a dual space needs. 
Greige Emulsion Paint Coat Kind Regards
Kind Regards, Images by @chequerfield 

Greige In the Home Office 

Decorating your home office or work space can be a tricky one. You’re in there for a lot of the time (soz), so it should be a space you like and feel comfortable in. Yet some heavy or dark colours risks it feeling oppressive (or raising eyebrows on your zoom meetings). Again, Greige paint is the friendly character that's here to help. The Grey tones will keep the room feeling fresh and natural but the hint of warmth from the Beige will act as a cosy reminder that you're at home, after all. 

Greige Emulsion Paint Coat Sunday Soul

Sunday Soul, Image by @my_grey_place

Greige in the Bedroom 

Greige Emulsion Paint Coat Sunday Soul

Last but definitely not least, here are a few tips on using Greige in the bedroom. The bedroom is truly your space so it needs to be a space you want to spend time in, with your own character. It also needs to feel calm enough to provide you with much needed rest and recuperation. Certain colours trigger your brain and eye movement, like bright colours and neons, so you should probably steer clear of these for bedrooms! A neutral Greige like the rich Sunday Soul gives you a depth of colour that's noticeable but nicely hushed, and can act as the backdrop to any bolder colours or patterns you might want to bring in with artwork or soft furnishings. It's timeless, and you'll sleep easy.

Greige Emulsion Paint Coat Sunday Soul

Sunday Soul, Images by @studio.lawrence 

We're big Greige fans, as you can probably tell. Classy, timeless and never clinical. Grab your own lot of Greige paint now.




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