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The Best Gloss Paint Colours

Choosing the perfect gloss paint colour to go with your newly painted walls can be a tough one. And what colour do you paint radiators, or wood panelling? Let’s take a whistle stop tour of the best Gloss, Eggshell, and Satin paint colours.

Gloss, Satin, or Eggshell Paint for Woodwork?

Gloss is the shiniest paint you can get for woodwork and metal. It’s quite traditional, and often solvent or oil based - giving it a bit of a toxic kick. Eggshell on the other hand is the most matt wood and metal paint you can get, and the most popular modern choice. Still durable, but with a finish that’s usually about 10% sheen. Satin sits somewhere in between.

The Best Gloss Paint Colours

If you want a high-sheen gloss paint finish, white shades work best. The light will reflect off them giving your woodwork a bright glow. Gloss paint will show up imperfections in the wood, which are minimised with white shades. Using darker shades like black or dark blue gloss paint can look really powerful if the surface is perfect - but would look different than the same shade in a wall paint, because of the high sheen level.

The Best Eggshell Paint Colours

With Eggshell paint you get a much more matt finish so a broader range of colours can work. Using a flat matt emulsion on the walls, and the same colour in Eggshell for the skirting and panelling can look awesome - especially with darker more dramatic paint colours. The sheen level isn’t vastly different, so the colours will look the same.

Best Gloss Paint Colours Best Eggshell paint Colours

Skirting and Walls in Adulting, A COAT Dark Teal

Most people choose to do their woodwork in white, as a nice contrast to the walls. It’s also more flexible if you’ve got windows and window coverings to think about. White Eggshell paint works a dream on all wood and some normal metal surfaces like radiators, and the matt finish means imperfections aren’t highlighted either. Super hardy and wipeable, it’ll be good for years. AND - it won’t go yellow, like lots of white gloss paints.

White Gloss Paint Colour

What's The Best Paint Colour For Skirting Boards?

Most people choose white Gloss or Eggshell paint for skirting boards. But painting them the same colour as the wall, particularly for darker schemes, can look amazing. You’ll never go wrong with a pure brilliant white for skirting boards, door and window frames. We’d go for an Eggshell finish - modern, matt and mega durable, it won’t show up imperfections either.

What's The Best Paint Colour For Wood Panelling?

Big question! The world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to choosing a paint colour for wood panelling. But there are two main camps - matching, or contrasting. 

Matching your wood panelling, or your woodwork, with your wall colour can look dramatic. The panelling becomes an accent, adding interest via texture and shape rather than being the main focus. The colour dominates. You’re best off doing all the wood (skirting, door frames, window frames) in the same colour if you’re going for this option.

Wood Panelling Dark Green

From Pinterest

Contrasting makes a feature of the panelling specifically. Usually seen for half-height or two-thirds wood panelling - you paint the wood a stronger colour than the walls. In a victorian hallway, dark blue or green Eggshell paint on the panelling with a paler neutral on the walls looks amazing. Similarly in a bedroom, two-thirds height paneling behind a headboard painted in a bold Eggshell can create a real feature.

Wood Panelling Bedroom Dark Blue

Credit Pinterest

In short, choosing the best Gloss or Eggshell paint colour for your room is about two things. Firstly, the finish and how shiny you want the woodwork. And secondly whether you want to match or contrast. Whatever you go for, COAT has got your Eggshell covered in 30 on-trend shades that never look wrong. Promise.




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