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Trend Alert: Terra Tropicana 2021

The Terra Tropicana Trend is set to hit big in 20201. It's about incorporating rich, earthy terracotta tones into your living space and complimenting them with plants and botanical prints. Transform your home into an earthy oasis… or at least get some major inspo to by following these steps:

Find Your Perfect Terracotta Shade 

The starting point has to be Terracotta. This earthy warm tone always gets a smile. But if it doesn't quite work for you, knock up the brightness with a mid Orange shade, or tone it back a bit and look at grubby pinks.Remember paint colours will look different in different lighting, so to make sure that your perfect shade really is perfect, get a swatch and test in different parts of the room, at different times of day. 

Ciao, Sofia, Sima and My Island are all hitting the Terra Tropicana vibe right. Take your pick! 

Terra Tropicana Theme Wall

Sima by COAT Paints 

Add Some Greenery 

The biggest player in this look (other than the paint colour) is the natural element. So houseplants are a must. If you are looking for an excuse to buy another house plant, this is it! Opt for aloe vera or Dracaena and get an added bonus - they purify the air too. Nice.

Botanical themed art is also a good shout, as is adding a touch of green to your walls to enhance the tropical vibe. Not too much though, keep the paint colour in focus. Another way to add a botanical touch is to throw in a wall or block of colour in deep green paint. Ditch the Tie is the perfect dark green for the job. 

Ciao, Sofia and Plants

Ciao, Sofia by COAT Paints 

Terracotta wall and plants

Image From Pinterest 

Mix up Your Textures

The wall colour and a shit ton of plants will make the biggest strides towards your Terra Tropicana interior, but the subtle details make a surprisingly big difference too. Think about texture. Add a wicker chair, chunky natural blankets, velvet cushions and colourful plant pots to get the tropical feel alive and kicking. 

My Island by COAT Paints 

Terracotta Plant Pots

Image from Pinterest

Mix up Your Colours (Subtly)

In the same vein, you don't always have to stick with one shade of terracotta, and one shade of green. Diversity is always a friend. Adding tiny pops of other colours makes the room appear more vibrant and authentic. Buy a cushion with a few different colours on it, a varied terracotta rug, and some art with a splash of yellow. Don’t go too far though, or you miss the Terra Tropicana vibe completely. 

Image from Elle Decor 

Terracotta Room

Image from Pinterest 

Now you are all set to embark on your Terra Tropicana Interior journey. Start by grabbing your COAT Paints and Swatches.




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