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Our Favourite Brands At Clerkenwell Design Week

Now we've recovered from a busy Clerkenwell Design Week, we're here to shine a light on a few of our Trade partners that exhibited during the show. If you didn't manage to catch them this year, make sure you keep an eye out for next.


For Clerkenwell Design Week, Deadgood introduced their new look showroom that marries form and function seamlessly, whilst also showcasing the power of personality in workplace design. 

The showroom redesign was about creating a versatile space that caters to the modern workforce. Their aim is  to establish deadgood as the go-to brand in the UK contract furniture market for architects, designers, and developers who seek the most sustainable and ethical furniture, and interior products which also embody the coolest design. 

Deadgood chose custom colours from the COAT trade palette to execute their design vision.

“Our gratitude goes out to Coat for their exceptional paints and stellar service, pivotal in our showroom redesign. Their product's unmatched vibrancy and durability, paired with impeccable customer service, transformed our space into a vibrant, professional environment. Thank you, Dexter, for exceeding our expectations and bringing our vision to life!”


Stansons design, make and install an extensive range of products from curtains, zoning, acoustics and window blinds to support designers in creating happy, healthy workplaces. 

With so many professionals in Clerkenwell for Design Week, it was the perfect opportunity for Stansons to throw open our showroom doors for the first time. 

Stansons revealed an inspiring, paradigm-shifting space that opens a haven of ideas for people looking to create high performance workspaces. The showroom brings together a community of like-minded designers, delivering spaces where people come first. It unlocks opportunities to create cultures where people flourish and can be the very best version of themselves. 

Stansons used Tuesday's Child and Baked to execute their vision.

It is a sensory environment where you tangibly feel calm and peace. Perfectly harmonising the use of light, sound and textures, the brand has created a new era for human centric design. Utilising curtains, acoustics, and zoning structures from its core range of products, you can experience the unlimited potential to revolutionise any office design. 

Everything Stansons do is centred on people, and that vision wholeheartedly embraces sustainability. It is not a task but rather a mindset, a way of life. It is the company’s DNA. 

Everything in the stunning new space has a charming story. From finding a new life for the window display or giving bar stools from eBay a second chance, everything is considered. Likewise, Stansons own products offer you the chance to see the first 100% recycled plastic curtain fabric and textiles from pre-loved wool. It is a heart-warming experience. 

The brand partnered with COAT as its Climate Positive paint provider. Stansons wanted a wall paint that generated no waste and no chemicals. 

“Based in Clerkenwell, offering a carbon free delivery with a modern, muted colour palette, Coat Paints’ selection not only complimented the company values but also its tranquil aesthetic.”

You can experience Stansons Showroom at 19 Pear Tree Street, London.

“COAT is an inspiration. They don’t only champion sustainability at its finest, they deliver it  delightfully. With a positive environmental impact and on-trend colours they are a blueprint for anyone to take lessons from.”

KODA Studio

KODA showcased their handmade furniture designs in the lighting exhibition.

KODA ditched the traditional, wasteful route of exhibiting, and instead opted for a tech-savvy approach. QR codes and digital business cards replaced brochures and flyers, making their event entirely paper and plastic-free. 

The KODA display further echoed their commitment to sustainability.

KODA chose Brewer for their stand project.

“KODA proudly partnered with a revolutionary new green paint from COAT, created with the environment in mind. Unlike most of the paint produced, the entire COAT range is water-based and low-toxin (VOC). COAT paint is made to order and eco-friendly, ensuring that marine life is not harmed by its biodegradable formula. KODA is proud to take the lead in showing that sustainable products can still look and perform as well as their traditional counterparts—if not better. We did not build a single-use temporary structure, we did not use any excess materials to showcase our brand and we're sure this won't be the last of our sustainable endeavours.”



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