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Build-To-Rent Projects With ila and Ridgeback Group

We’re delighted to be working with ila, one of the fastest-growing built-to-rent companies in the UK to bring premium, eco-friendly paints to ila's growing residential portfolio of 4,000 homes across several major UK cities. 

COAT and ila are currently working together on schemes for four projects across the country. Each project has a set of personalised colour schemes that are reflective of colour trends in that area of the UK, the architecture of the building and the surrounding area. 

Hairpin House

Hairpin House is based in Birmingham, where beiges are the most popular colours, so the schemes lean to warm colours with at least a hint of beige as an undertone. Duvet Day and Biscuits for Breakfast from the COAT range were perfect for the job.

Greens are also really popular in this part of the country, so collectively we created a paired back green scheme, using some of our more grey greens - Yard Party and Darlington, and then added a biophilic punch of colour with Park Life.  

Kangaroo Works

Kangaroo Works is was once a Sharps factory (think sheep shears and scissors). With the colour palette in this space, we also had to consider the windows which have quite a bronze tone to them, as well as the project being in Sheffield and so the light is much cooler. Picking neutrals that maintained some warmth for our more neutral schemes would be key to making the Kangaroo Works flats feel instantly inviting. 

It did make picking more colourful schemes an interesting journey too. Factor Fifty (a plaster pink), Baked (terracotta) and Hardback (a dark bronze) make for the perfect bold, yet earthy statement. There’s something soft and industrial about this scheme, which blunts the edges of ultra-modern living spaces and creates a warm, engaging home.

This project is nearing completion. We can't wait to share photos with you.

Catrin Morgan, Operations Director at ila said "We are thrilled to partner with COAT Paints and offer their high-quality paints to our residents. Our aim is to provide residents with high-quality homes that meet their unique needs and preferences, and COAT Paints' curated palette of eco-friendly paints perfectly aligns with this vision."

Watch this space for news on other developments in the pipeline.



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