Painting With Green

We all love a bit of greenery, and depending on what shade you choose for the walls it can be everything from relaxing and refreshing, to punch-you-in-the-face dramatic. There's a vibe for everyone, so don't underestimate the power of Green - trust us.

Here are some killer green shades for you, from the subtle to the statement… you’ll be feeling green in no time. In a good way.

Pale Green 

Kind Regards Emulsion Paint

Not all greens are 'out there'. In fact, not all greens are that green. Opting for a neutral with a green tinge can be a great way to bring just a touch of green in, and can feel really nice and warming. Subtle warm greens will give the room a calm feel, perfect for a bedroom or study.

Kind Regards Emulsion Paint In Living Room

Kind Regards is a Greeny Greige shade, images here by @chequerfield

Warm colours are on point this year. Our fave pale green is Kind Regards - a light Greige really (green-y beige, for those wondering) with that subtle warmth. If you're not a "green person" this could work for you. Try pairing with natural materials like exposed wood and even houseplants plants to bring out the subtle green.

Find your perfect Green paint shade.


Hamilton Emulsion Paint in Kitchen

If you're wanting a bigger pop of colour but still want to keep things relaxed, then a nice dusty pale Teal like Hamilton is a great bet. Still light and warm, but with a kick of blue that feels fresh and modern.

Hamilton Emulsion Paint Festive Interior

Hamilton is a dusty pale Teal, images here by @nickcarvell

Pale teals work well with white accents like skirting or furniture if you want to bring out the freshness. Or if you want to dial up the warmth then pair with some natural woods too. It’s the perfect humble colour to add a splash of personality, without being remotely shout-y.

Find your perfect Green paint shade.

Mid Green 

If you don't fancy any blue hues, go for a true flat green. You're going to get a fresh modern feel with something like Home Grown shown below. A little grubby with a touch of Avo, it's as box fresh as they come. Pair it with paler woods and white accents to get that Scandi vibe going.

Sage Green Emulsion Paint COAT Home Grown Paint

Vibrant Teal Green

Pool House Emulsion Paint

Now, we’re onto the bright greens - strictly reserved for the lively spaces in your home. Pool House packs a punch, with some killer neon undertones there's no mistaking it's there.

Find your perfect Green paint shade.

Pool House Emulsion Paint

Pool House is a vibrant Teal, images here by @lifeofbrodyschnoodle

Think oranges and houseplants for pairing, just like you see here, to show off the intensity. Vibrant teal shades work well in South facing rooms where they'll feel alive. In darker spaces you'll get less neon, but a nice deep mysterious vibe instead.

Dark Greens

Dark Green Teal Emulsion Paint COAT Adulting

Adulting is a dusty dark Teal, here by @tiny_victorian_terrace

If you've ever felt like you need to grow up a bit, dark Greens will make that happen. Instantly. Opt for (the appropriately named) Adulting, a dark Teal, to add a sense of drama to the room without feeling obnoxious.

Find your perfect Green paint shade.

Ditch the Tie Emulsion Paint

Or try Ditch the Tie for a more traditional rich green. This modern take on a stately shade works incredibly well in smaller spaces like offices and hallways, giving them a real sense of purpose. Don't be shy. Either of these dark Greens will do a job of making your home feel as classy and inviting as you like.

Ditch The Tie

Ditch The Tie is a traditional dark Green, here by @theoda 

In conclusions (essay vibes?) - Green really is a versatile colour. Throwing from the palest warm shades right up to dramatic darker ones, there's something in there for every space. Whether you opt for a greeny neutral, or venture all out with neon - we’ve got you. Shop COAT Green Paints Now.

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