What Colours Make A Room Look Bigger?

So, you've got an itty bitty space that you want to make the most of. We hear ya, if only we could all live at Downton.

Boiling it down, you’ve got two choices for that box room depending on your style. Either embrace the bold to enhance the depth of your room, or keep it light and neutral to open up every last square inch of your sanctuary. Either way, ensure you have enough light coming into the room and you are good to go!

Let’s explore more… 

Go Big, Go Bold.

Dark Blue 

Dark moody blues know how to make a statement, giving your small room a big impact. This bold and moody feel distracts from the lack of space. Paint your skirting and radiators in the same bold shade to elongate your walls, pairing with clashy prints and colourful accessories to camouflage the space.

Why not try out 2AM to achieve that moody feel, or The Drink for a deep bluey-green. 

Dark Blue Snug

 Creds: kateosborneinteriors

Dark Blue Paint

From homedit.com

Deep Greens

A small room doesn’t need to lack luxury. A deep green creates the perception of depth, giving a small room a grand vibe. Pair with big leather armchairs and over the top light fittings for a perfect space to recline and recharge. Try Ditch the Tie for a Rich Traditional Green, or Pool House for a more vibrant green-blue. 

Dark Green Wall
From Pinterest 
Dark Green Bedroom

From Pinterest 

Soften and Up-size

Off- White

On the neutral side, for a light and organic feel check out warmer off-whites or light beiges. Softer colours reflect light rather than absorb it, so can ping it round the room to suggest more space. A soft greige can also do a job, richer and warmer than grey, more versatile too with the furniture already in the room. These colours will keep your casa bright and inviting, and work best in social spaces like living rooms where you go to relax or have fun. Anyone for a cuppa?

Why not try out our friendly off white Pampas, or a greige taupe Good Intentions

Small Off White Room

Image from House Beautiful

Small Bedroom Neutral

 Creds: Dreamyinteriors_

Clean White 

A clean white has a nice crisp feel to it, exuding calm and tranquility. Again, it allows light to bounce around, creating that airy open feel that is much needed in a small room. Mix up your textures by adding wooden tables, plants, coloured cushions and a stone or wood floor, to prevent your room from feeling too cold. Screenshot is the perfect white for the job. 

Crisp White Room

From Pinterest 

Crisp White Bedroom

Image from Country Living

Bold and Bright

We take it back, you don’t have to choose between bold or light, you can have both! Choose a statement yellow and pair it with another colour for the best of both worlds. Match it with bright white to keep the room feeling sunny, or use it with grey to add the depth that small rooms so need.

Yellow Bedroom

Image from Ideal Home

Grey and Yellow Two Toned Wall

Image from Furniturechoice.com 

Grab your COAT swatches and paints now to make the most of that box room, it'll be your fave space in no time (literally, your paint will be with you the next day!).

Feature Image Creds: rosieannbutcher