Introducing 'And Breathe' by Katie

This new colour is called 'And Breathe'. Says it all, no? COAT’s colour release for December 2020 is this aptly-named muted shade of Green - created in collaboration with interior designer Katie Siedler of @hello_haus. It's perfect for neutral fans with a warm earthiness, and folks looking to introduce just a touch of calming green colour. You can get your hand-painted Peel & Stick Swatches here.

Pale Green Paint

Featured in Ideal Home, Your Home and Stylist among many others, Katie is a much loved interior designer based in Herts. With a famously minimal yet warm style reflected in her Instagram feed @hello_haus, Katie has worked closely with COAT to create and launch the most elusive of shades - a warm, calming Green.

Pale Green Wall

“My goal for every project is to make life just that little bit better. Every day I work with people to create spaces where they can feel relaxed and happy, because that’s exactly how I create my own spaces at home. Removing clutter, removing stress, and bringing in calming natural colours and elements. “And Breathe” as a colour, does just that for me and my bedroom” says Katie.

Get 'And Breathe' Peel & Stick Swatches.

Katie’s bedroom was mainly white before, with one putty-coloured wall behind the bed. And Breathe has transformed the space, knocking out the harsher whites and warming the space up with Beige tones.

“I’m glad I did all the walls, I was originally just going to replace the putty one. But actually using And Breathe all over has brought the room in a bit, in a good way. It’s made it seem more calming and together which is what I wanted.” says Katie.

“I’m so happy with how the colour and my room has turned out. Green as a colour is synonymous with calmness and rest, so for a bedroom or study And Breathe works a dream” says Katie. “I’ve used natural materials like Douglas Fir and organic linens too which just helps to bring everything together, and create that minimal but cosy look. It’s a tricky balance, but minimal doesn’t have to mean clinical!”.

No.31 And Breathe is an exclusive run for December 2020. Grab swatches now.

What is No.31 from COAT?

We think colours should come from people, with real stories to tell. Each month COAT launches a new colour on-top of our existing palette. Designed to perfectly suit a real person and their real home - it’s about launching beautiful colours that inspire. And we get to have even more fun with colour names, obvs.