At Home With First-Timers Bernice & Taylor

We’re behind the scenes at Bernice & Taylor's place. These guys moved into their first place just a few weeks back, and wasted no time getting down to the good stuff - decorating and furnishing.

Bernice & Taylor "WFH" from their new London Home

“When I walked into this flat, I just knew” says Bernice. “The space flows so nicely. It's bright, open, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. To be fair I've had the whole place planned for about 6 months already so it was just a case of getting on with it.”

The Living Room, feat. Dark Teal 'Adulting'

The Living Room, feat. Dark Teal 'Adulting' and a killer wonky shade

Bernice and Taylor's place isn't your typical "new home, new stuff". There are lots of details and furniture pieces with a really personal connection and meaning. Like the bright wonky lampshade - handmade by Bernice's mum's friend. Or the 90's sound system fresh out of everyone's childhood Living Room (but also Bernice's). It's those things that make it their home, and not just an instagram copy/paste.

As first-time homeowners, Bernice and Taylor were also first time painters. Enter COAT. A curated range of colours and Peel & Stick Swatches make the decision making process much easier than 20 trips to a hideous DIY store.

£1 Peel & Stick Swatches are 100% accurate, and make choosing colour a breeze

Bernice agrees “I've ordered a few rounds of swatches. Just to make sure we were getting it right. But the colour we chose in the living room, Adulting, was a dead cert from the start. It's unreal. We originally just did one wall in it, but then went the whole hog because we loved it so much. I'm so glad we did!"

The 90's sound system, looking SO fresh with Adulting on the wall

Furnishings combined with the paint colour can really steer the vibe in a room, and it's quite a personal thing. “So much of this furniture is from my family and a lot from my Grandad's house” says Bernice. "I like things that have a story. That little box was our toybox when I was a kid, and it makes me so happy seeing it in our home now. That chair too, I painted it up and it made my dad cry. Not because I painted it, but because that chair with all it's memories was now part of our home"

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Plants and dried flowers also feature pretty heavily in Bernice and Taylor's place. “It's great” says Taylor, "we've gradually acquired houseplants over the years that make the flat instantly feel more loved and lived-in. They make the air much cleaner too, which is a bonus. The real ones anyway."

The bedroom channels a much more subtle vibe than the dramatic teal living space. Sunday Soul, an earthy warm grey, and Sweatpants a pale grey play nicely together on the walls. Coupled with relaxed white linen, and a splash of greenery from the feature headboard and plants, it feels like a relaxing space.


The Bedroom, feat. Sunday Soul on the main wall

Grey is a pretty versatile colour. Cooler grey shades are being shunned at the minute it seems, in favour of more earthy warm ones like Sunday Soul and Good Intentions. Which are (are we allowed to say) more Taupe. But balancing a mid-grey shade like Sweatpants with a bolder warm shade like Sunday Soul works so well in the bedroom here. Black decorative accents and natural materials from the wood and plants mean the grey's feel suitably warmed up, and together. 

The Bedroom feat. pale grey Sweatpants on most walls - warmed up by natural accents and Sunday Soul

With a few more rooms left to tackle in the New Year, Bernice and Taylor are already in full decision-making mode with COAT swatches to hand. As new painters they've learnt a few tricks (some the hard way!) about getting the best from a fresh COAT of paint.

"Taylor is all about My Island Orange in the hallway" says Bernice. "Unusually for a flat it's a nice big open space at the centre, so it can definitely work. I'm constantly checking myself to make sure we tie the place together - despite being a big advocate of leading with my heart, I want it to flow as a home too!"

We're digging the way Bernice and Taylor have made some bold style choices in their place. Not only on the walls, but also in the way they're building a home that mixes new and old, and with a style that means something. Home is a deeply personal space and colour and style should represent your own unique personality. Check out our COAT shades to see which you connect with. 

We'll be back with Bernice and Taylor in the New Year once they've finished up their kitchen renovation and hallway. Stay tuned to see what other COAT colours are making their house a home.

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