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Get on the sofa, right now. There’s a new Attenborough series on the BBC…

The Green Planet follows Sir David around the forests and rainforests of 27 countries, diving into the mystery and power of plants with the typical drama we’ve come to love and expect from his docuseries. Seriously, can we package up that vibe please?

To champion the new Sunday night must-watch, COAT has created a brand new limited edition colour ‘Plant Power’. This knocked back green with yellow pop isn’t only a bold statement for home - but a bold statement from COAT about the importance of plant protection.

“Environmental impact is always at the front of our minds when we make business decisions” says Rob Abrahams, COAT Founder. “The importance of protecting what we have, when it comes to plants and biodiversity, really chimed with COAT values. By launching this new colour ‘Plant Power’, we’re cheerleading The Green Planet message with real action.”

COAT will donate all profits from the sale of ‘Plant Power’ to World Land Trust - an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. Sir David Attenborough has been a patron of World Land Trust since 2003.

“Whether it’s waste reduction, carbon offsetting, or even simply the use of recycled materials - we’re an open book when it comes to sustainability” says Rob Abrahams, COAT Founder. “Check out the Accountability section of our website. We want to be 100% transparent on the business decisions we make, and our plans for the future too. Feel free to challenge us too, it’s how we’ll all drive change and get even better”

Changing the paint game to be planet friendly 

The Green Planet series is pretty timely. A study from 2018 showed that human activity has been responsible for 50% of the world’s wild plant loss - and that needs to change. The Green Planet is as much about the drama and beauty of plants, as a critical reminder of their importance to us and the world.

‘We would starve without plants, we wouldn’t be able to breathe without plants. The world is green yet people’s understanding about plants, except in a narrow way, has not kept up with that. It’s a cliché now, but every breath of air we take, and every mouthful of food we eat, depends upon plants.’ - Sir David Attenborough

At COAT, that feels like a message and a movement that needs our support.

As the first Climate Positive Paint Company, we obsess over our carbon footprint and double offset any unavoidable emissions through UN Gold Standard environmental projects - largely focused on forest preservation. COAT has been leading the way for sustainable interiors since launching in 2020.

  • Verified Climate Positive - beyond Carbon Neutral - by Carbon Jacked
  • 100% Low-voc, water-based paint
  • 100% Recycled/recyclable packaging
  • 100% Biodegradable print materials
  • Smart colour swatches - 95% less waste than paint testers
  • Carbon Neutral deliveries
  • 360-degree paint recycling programme
  • 100% Made-to-order production (zero waste)

For full details and total transparency, check the ‘Accountability’ section of

An on trend pop of plant colour

The latest in COAT’s No.31 edition series Plant Power is a riotous celebration of life and biodiversity. 

A yellow-green (officially known as Chartreuse), it’s found in many vibrant plants and flowers including Cymbidium Orchids, Bells of Ireland, Chrysanthemums and Hydrangeas. ‘Plant Power’ is bang on trend for 2022 and due to its yellow undertone is an optimistic call to action. There’s work to be done, but together, we can save the world. 🌍

Plant Power’ works as an acidic highlight to relaxed colour palettes like Sweatpants and Screenshot, colours typically used as a background for Pop Art installations. It’s also a typical mid-century bright, so it works well with neutral greiges like our Heal’s x COAT colours Rathbone Place and Ambrose with their green and yellow undertones. Try using it on picture frames in these neutral schemes. For a more luxe, Art Deco vibe, COAT the ceilings in ‘Plant Power’ where you’ve got dark or black walls in colours like Nomad, The Drink and The Record Store

Ready or some ‘Plant Power’?

On Sunday, when you’re kicking back with Dave and pondering your newfound awe of plants, take some inspo, start with the basics, and you’ll soon be saving the world, one plant and one paint pot at a time.

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