Malen, einfach besser

House-proud, no struggle / House-proud, no struggle

Wir sind der Einfachheit halber und machen es lächerlich einfach, ein insta-würdiges Zuhause zu haben. Wir haben die Beinarbeit geleistet, um Sie in Trendfarben und die hochwertige Farbe zu bringen. Bewusst gemacht und mit dem ganzen Kit am nächsten Tag ausgeliefert.

Wählen Sie. Versuch. Farbe.



Unser Gewissen

Unser Gewissen

we’re rob & rob

Rob, Rob & das Team

One of us likes 😸 cats. The other one likes 🐶 dogs.

A few years ago you’d have found us in a dive bar with overpriced cocktails. Now we’re all about buying quality furniture, drinking decent coffee, and planting things.

Anyway, our shared career experience in paint and tech was the perfect platform to bring COAT to life. We left the big guys to bring together like-minded people who want an awesome looking home, but have zero-tolerance for the bullshit.

From our base in Surrey (the little-known centre of the coatings universe), we now spend our time pinning colours, mixing the best paint, and sparking ideas for the next paint innovation.

We’re always here, so drop us a line anytime.

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