Painting Without the Mess

Decorating related mess, it’s the pits. If you’re a bit of clutz, paint can get everywhere, takes time to clean up and is 100% proven to result in bad moods. Avoid it - read on...

Secure Space

Make sure you have plenty of space between the wall and the nearest furniture. Painting in a cramped room is when stuff gets knocked over or damaged. Disaster town. If you’re sanding or cleaning up 

 Cover Stuff Up

    • Furniture. Stack it and then cover with old sheets. Secure with masking tape.
    • Carpet or floors. Keep them pristine by covering with more old sheets or breakdown some used boxes. Make the most of unwanted bedding and recycle where you can.
    • Light switches and thermostat. Unscrew the plate and cover with decorating tape, you can tape up any picture hooks too.
    • Skirting boards, door and windows. Decorating tape also works well here. Run something sharp along it once the tape is in position so the edge is pushed down, this will stop the paint from getting behind it. Always remove the tape when the paint is still slightly wet to avoid peeling. 
    • You. Jewellery and watches off please. Put on your best decorating gear and tie back long hair. COAT paint is formulated to minimise the spatter (flying paint spots) to keep you and the room as clean as possible.

Floor and Skirting Boards Being Covered

Opening Paint and Decanting

Pop your tin on your decorating sheet or an old bit of cardboard. Use a paint tin opener or screwdriver to lift the lid carefully to avoid paint shifting around the rim. Lid to one side, now have your brush or roller handy. Give the paint a good stir then use the brush or roller to take the paint off the stir stick. If you’re decanting into a roller tray, hold the pot above the tray and tip in, again using the brush or roller head to clear up any drips. You can always use a damp cloth or kitchen roll to clean the paint lid rim before you put the lid back on.

Paint on Tray

Paint Spills 

It happens, a scattering on the skirting board or a drop creeps on to the carpet. The key is to have a damp rag to hand and clean up as you go. COAT paint is water-based so you’ll find it wipes away really easily if you clean it straight away.

If you follow these tips and take your time, you’ll be decorating mess free like a champ.