Paint Prices Explained

What makes good paint? What’s the difference between Dulux and Farrow & Ball? Probably the biggest question we get asked - and always followed closely by “so is COAT paint good?”. 

Truth is most people don’t (and don’t really need to) understand the technicalities of paint - so price is usually what gives us an idea of quality.

But is that fair? Is a £60 paint really much better than one for half the price? Let’s not be shy - we’ll talk about what affects paint prices, and how COAT paint is priced against our BFFs:

1 The Paint Recipe

A big factor in paint prices. Lower quality recipes (i.e. they are made from less expensive ingredients) are naturally cheaper to make. And on the flip side, paints made using high-grade ingredients (like COAT) cost more overall to make. Quality ingredients give better consistency, coverage and depth of colour. As well as durability. And that affects the base price, and so the selling price of the paint.

 Quality Paint

2 The Paint Brand

It’s harder to quantify, but naturally brand plays a big part in paint prices. Established fancy brands charge a premium, with mass-market or trade focussed brands tending to charge less. That’s just clever marketing, essentially. The prices that brands set also reflects the volume of paint they need to sell, too.

3 The Paint Company

Different from the brand - here we mean how the company operates. For example, cheaper mass-market brands need to produce in huge quantities and sell via retailers (your B&Q’s, your Homebases etc). They have to share profit margins with those retailers - so volume is key. Product costs need to be low to make money.

On the flip side heritage brands charge a premium price so you’d expect more for your money, right? Well the paint recipe is usually better, but the cost of fancy stores in prime retail locations and heavy marketing are bumping up those paint prices you pay.

Quality Paint

Team COAT 👋🏼

What About COAT?

COAT is a premium paint recipe, that’s easy. Check out our reviews from insta or TrustPilot fans for the creds. It’s made using high-grade ingredients, and includes lots of expensive components that you don’t find in cheaper paint.

So why is our paint that rivals the best, priced 20-30% lower than those heritage BFFs? For example:

  2.5L Durable Matt Emulsion Tester Swatch / Pot




Farrow & Ball



Little Greene



Paint & Paper Library



Prices from brand websites 30.10.20


The Answer? Efficiency.

As an agile business, COAT was made to be super efficient. In a nutshell, we're a small team who finish paint to order and deliver it straight from us to you via an online store. 

  • We don’t advertise a lot: Instagram is our place to share, and people who love our paint share it. No big media budgets means no costs to pass on.
  • We don’t have fancy shops: One paint studio, and our website. No Mayfair stores to pay for, so our overheads are small.
  • We don’t stock in major retailers: Nobody else takes a cut of our profit margins, so we can share that with customers and price much more fairly.

At £40 a tin, we sleep like babies knowing our customers are getting the best quality paint out there - without paying for any of the overheads. Seems fair, which is important for us. 

Rob & Rob x




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