Introducing Felt Cute, by Alex Serruys

Felt Cute. COAT’s newest colour release for March 2021 is that ballet-slipper pink that’s as timeless as it is cute. Created in collaboration with style blogger, fashionista and all round colour advocate Alex Serruys @alexincolour, this nude pink is bang on trend and sure to make you smile.

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COAT Eco Emulsion Paint Nude Pink

London-based Alex is right up there with the world's colour fanatics. As a fashion blogger, you only need to take a quick glance at her personal style and her home to know how much that love of beautiful colours runs deep. And Felt Cute is no exception.

“I'm known online as ‘Alex In Colour’ for the obvious reason that I love colour! I love wearing it and styling it as well as injecting it into my home, and pushing the boundaries on colour schemes” says Alex. “I grew up with a father who used heaps of crazy colours in our home, and I always hoped one day to have my very own home to do the same. It’s been such a pleasure working with Coat on creating a colour that I feel provokes a true feeling of happiness - a shade that works for everyone, for any room of the home.”

COAT Eco Emulsion Paint Nude Pink

Alex's new bedroom scheme uses Felt Cute and Midnight Dream purple by Urban Outfitters

“As far as interior vibes go, I like to go all out” says Alex. “I love bold colour combinations that attract attention! I think it's fun to put together interiors that are bright, wild, and a bit out there for people to feel and see that they too can be just as daring and experimental with colourful interiors. There’s nothing to be afraid of - go with your gut!”

Get Felt Cute Peel & Stick Swatches

COAT Eco emulsion paint nude pink

Felt Cute works beautifully with Alex's statement LaCroix wallpaper

“I created Felt Cute with COAT because to me, it represents a memory. Felt Cute is really similar in shade to a ballet slipper, and as a young girl dancing round the house - and as a woman, to be fair - it made me feel something” says Alex “This colour has the power to make everyone feel something and smile when they look at it.”

COAT eco emulsion paint nude pink

Felt Cute is a timeless pastel shade that ties in other pink hues effortlessly

Using pale pastel shades like Felt Cute at home can be fun. Spring 2021 is pegged as pastel season, with retro throwbacks like baby blue, dusty spring green and even ballet slipper style pinks making a real comeback. That said, Felt Cute is a pretty timeless shade that works equally well in a reserved grown-up living space, or paired with bolder shades in a fun and vibrant bedroom.

"So the name, Felt Cute. We've all heard the "felt cute (might delete later)" on socials right? Well who actually ever posts a selfie that they don’t like and deletes it later - it just doesn't happen, does it?” says Alex. “So I took that thought with this colour and created one that I love, and that will stick around forever. "Felt Cute" is here to stay!”

COAT eco emulsion paint nude pink

Felt Cute - the perfect nude pink does exist!

Pair Felt Cute with a crisp white like Screenshot to dial up the cuteness and make the pink pop. Or, like Alex has done, team it up with a stronger bold accent colour or wallpaper and Felt Cute acts as the reserved sidekick. In period homes, this colour looks a little like freshly set plaster, and used all-over with period details creates a super refined feeling.

“Working with Coat has been SO fun” says Alex. “I feel like Rob & Rob speak my language when it comes to colours and combinations, making it a really natural partnership. Creating Felt Cute as the perfect colour to pair with my crazy Lacroix wallpaper makes me so happy - even managing to work in the vibrant Purple shade Midnight Dream from the Urban Outfitters collection too. Also the fact they're a non-toxic and carbon neutral brand makes all the difference for me.”

COAT eco emulsion nude pink

We’ve loved working with Alex to create Felt Cute, and we’re even more excited to see how people use it in their homes. Such a nostalgic and gentle shade, it can’t help make you smile. Why not grab a Peel & Stick Swatch and see how it feels in your home?

What is No.31 from COAT?

We think colours should come from people, with real stories to tell. Each month COAT launches a new colour on-top of our existing palette. Designed to perfectly suit a real person and their real home - it’s about launching beautiful colours that inspire. And we get to have even more fun with colour names, obvs. 

Felt Cute is an exclusive run launching March 2021, and swatches and paint are available to order now via