Choosing A Ceiling Colour

It’s a big part of any room, but often overlooked. Rather than the go-to of white - choose a coloured ceiling that can really transform the feel of a space. Here’s a look at how to do it right, whatever you choose:

Paint Ceilings The Same Pale Shade

COAT Emulsion Paint Duvet Day Beige

Beige, "Duvet Day" by @design_at_nineteen on Insta

Don’t be afraid of choosing the same pale or neutral shade for the walls and ceiling. It can help to bring the ceiling in, so it feels nice and cohesive. A white ceiling can create somewhere new to draw the eye, so for bedrooms in particular the same pale shade all over can create a restful space. Think about warm neutral colours like Duvet Day, or soft pastels like Lie-In. 

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Paint Ceilings The Same Dark Shade

COAT Emulsion Paint Dark Black The Record store

Soft Black, "The Record Store" by @zephs_house on insta

Darker colours absorb light, so in bedrooms for example they can soften the hard outline of a room making it feel cosier. Almost like a comfy cave. Taking those darker colours onto the ceiling as well can enhance that feeling, bringing the ceiling closer to avoid stimulating the eyes with a different shade. In living spaces with really high ceilings this look feels super dramatic too, and colours like Soft Black ‘The Record Store’ and Dark Blue ‘2AM’ work so well.

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Paint Ceilings In A Contrast Colour

COAT Emulsion Paint Adulting

Dusty Teal, "Adulting" by @tiny_victorian_home on Insta

As a design choice, contrast ceilings probably take the crown for creating drama. Paler walls with a much darker contrast ceiling draw the eyes upwards and focus them on height - which feels awesome. We’ve seen orange ceilings used to amazing effect, but also softer black shades too. Try it, you won’t regret it we promise!

COAT Ceiling Paint Two Scoops

Pale Pink "Granny Chic" ceiling by @projectsfromwaltonroad on Insta

Paint Ceilings White

Fair is fair, a crisp white ceiling can do wonders in a bright space to lift the height of a room and increase the feeling of airiness. A white ceiling provides that timeless contrast to coloured walls that you can never really get wrong. So if you’re feeling cautious that’s ok - go for white, it’ll look great.

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COAT white ceiling paint

Timeless white ceiling, by @ourhome_upnorth

What is Ceiling Paint?

It’s not really a thing. Good quality emulsion paint will work just as well on the ceiling as anything. Lower quality paints will spatter like mad, so if you enjoy your eyes just choose a good one. The viscosity of paint (geeky jargon, soz) is what means it does or doesn’t spatter everywhere. Find us a better viscosity than COAT - we’ll wait.

COAT Dark Ceiling Paint

Dark Teal "Adulting" creating drama here by @homefromhole on Insta

What paint is best for the ceiling?

Usually you’d go for a good quality Matt Emulsion for the ceiling. There’s a bit of a trend happening around Soft Sheen Emulsion paints on the ceiling too - that means shiny paint. No longer banished to the 80’s, shiny emulsion paint bounces light around the room and actually looks pretty cool. Paint a ceiling in it and you’ve got a whole new dimension - so worth considering.

COAT Ceiling Paint White

Warm White "Pampas" wrap-over ceiling in Flat Matt, by @1930s_semi_charmed_life on Insta

Ceiling lesson over. Phew. Now trust your gut, and go for it! Shop all COAT colours perfect for painting ceilings.