At Home With Colour Kings Luke & Craig

We’re behind the scenes at Luke & Craig’s place. These guys embrace bold colours and vintage furniture in their modern home, to create a unique style that’s bright and welcoming above all else. If you’re a fan of a bit of colour porn, look straight ahead right now.

Luke and Craig in their Bedfordshire Home

“There’s no defined style in our home. There are modern elements mixed with vintage furniture. We definitely like it to have a homely, welcoming feel” says Luke. “We both like bold colours, every room in our house has a different colour palette.”

Pink Wall With Mirror

The Bedroom, feat. Grubby Pink Ciao, Sofia

Dark Teal Bathroom Wall

The Bathroom, feat. Dark Teal 'The Drink'

Trying desperately to replicate styles found on Instagram isn’t always going to wash. Instagram is a great place for inspiration and to help us figure out what we like and dislike, but putting that together in your own home is totally your bag. There’s no right or wrong, it’s whatever feels right for you. Go heart first, and do it for you! 

Craig agrees “The colours in our rooms are all so different, with really different vibes. I wouldn’t know which style box to put us in, but I know that we love our home and everything in it so that’s good enough for me!”

Grey Wall Living Room Plants

Greenery and woods combine in the Living Room. 

Furniture is another way to bring personality to a room and a home. “I love the vintage furniture we've picked up over the years. We don't have loads, and I would probably have rescued a lot more if we had the space! I love the mirror that used to belong to my Nan and Grandad that hangs in our hallway too. I like pieces that have a story behind them” says Luke.

Pale Yellow Wall Vintage Mirror

Vintage Mirror, from Luke's Nan & Grandad *heart emoji*

Bright Wallpaper Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture, Bold Wallpaper, and Houseplants playing real nice

House plants also feature pretty heavily in Luke and Craig’s home. Not only for the visuals, but because they purify the air and improve the overall health of the home. “There's a square ceramic planter which sits in the living room with three plants in it that looks great. I like bringing elements of the garden inside, although Luke tends to go a bit overboard with the amount of  houseplants he's bought over the years” says Craig.

Turquoise Wall Plant

“I think it stems from the time when we lived in a tiny one-bed flat in Golders Green with no garden, and we always wished we could have our own outside space.” says Luke. “So now I get a bit obsessive with greenery. I think it brings real life to a room.”

 Grey Wall Houseplants

Dark Teal Wall Hanging Plant

The Bathroom, feat. Dark Teal 'The Drink'

Everyone has a favourite space in their home, right? The room that gives us the biggest buzz every time we’re there. For Craig, that’s the kitchen. “I work for an "Orange" airline, so was initially a bit worried the kitchen would feel like the crew room! But after moving the sample sticker around for a couple of days I fell in love with it. It's such a warm Mediterranean colour without feeling like a "bright" orange, if that makes sense?".

Orange Kitchen Wall

The Kitchen feat. Dusty Orange 'My Island'

Makes sense to us. My Island is the perfect orange shade, without being brash. But who knows maybe Flourescent is your vibe and we’re never in the game of dimming anyone’s shine!

We're digging the way Luke and Craig lead their decor decisions with their hearts. Your home is a deeply personal space and colour should represent your style and personality. Check out our COAT shades to see which you connect with. 

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